About Corbett Software Experience "BOOM OF SALES"


Hello. I am doing this to save others time and money. I received the email advertisements (many of them) from

Ulisses Teixeira Corbett - Corbett Software - Brazil

As you probably did too. Then the following happened.

First of all I wanted to target India. He says you can target any country. I chose India because my product is dear to Hindus. He told me he has 200 Million email addresses for India alone. I asked him many questions and the answers were not always right, clear, or even forthcoming. For example I asked him his name and he simply didn't respond. I found it out from someone else. I searched on his name Corbett Software but only found other Corbett's, not the Email one. I was REALLY worried about moving forward with this guy because he accepts payment normally in ways that are not normal for businesses.. like he encourages you pay him with BitCoin. Sorry but that's what many criminals on the web do. Only after asking did he give a PayPal option.

Ultimately I thought that he was real, only a bad businessman, and I went for it. Firstly he increased his price on me from what is advertised to something more. He went up from $750 to $1000 and then gave me a deal back to 750 US if I paid him RIGHT THEN. He was REAL INTO me paying him RIGHT THEN. This is not normal business.

I was stupid and went for it anyways. His price is really low if you believe him, but the thing is that he is lying.

I paid him, and then days started to pass. 4 days passed and each day he would say he is going to start the mailing and then nothing would happen. This went one for four days. Each day saying he'll start, then he doesn't, and when I ask about it, he only replies "Yeah yeah".. like he doesn't care that I'm suffering waiting.

Finally I figured that he was a criminal and I asked PayPal for my money back. This opened a complaint on PayPal.

Ulisses Corbett was informed and then started a garage of threats upon me from him. He threatened to take down my server and websites, to spoil all my email addresses, and to do bulk emailing about me being a bad person. He made pages of threats in WhatsApp.. it was really hard to bare. I wouldn't wish it on anybody.

I am a VERY religious person. If someone does what they say they will do.. then I will pay them. So I told him if he started the campaign, if I saw results in my in basket, that I would pay him. So then, due to the fact that his PayPal account was taken down, he wanted it back, so he started the campaign. I immediately got lots of Auto Responder emails from India in my in basket, so it was clear he started it.. so I paid him, I removed my PayPal complaint by closing the case.

I received a few hundred auto responses. I received one order for my software. At $45 price it's not nearly enough to even pay for the mailing. That was the only order I received. The auto responders stopped after a couple days and then they started arriving from Brazil. I had earlier told him that I wanted to do Brazil NEXT.. with another campaign since he said he has 200 million email addresses for India.. and that is what I paid for 200 Million… but he started sending to Brazil after only 2 days.

The auto responders from Brazil stopped after a couple days. After this there was nothing. No auto responders from anywhere, which proves nothing is going out. If mail is going out then you're going to get auto responders in your in basket.

I then went on to contact more companies and do more research. I found out that:

Nobody can send at that speed at those prices. It's simply impossible. SMTP costs are higher than he charges for 200 Million.. his prices tell other email senders that he is a fraud. All senders I talked to said the same thing about his prices and his list size claims.. IMPOSSIBLE.. NOBODY Has email lists of that size.. you simply cannot auto-harvest that amount of addresses.. impossible. Then you cannot offer those prices on those amounts.. IMPOSSIBLE.. SMTP costs are real.. there is real cost to sending emails in bulk. A reasonable price for just SMTP charges on a million emails is more like $100. Then if you are hiring a company to start your campaign and send it they are going to need profit on TOP of that SMTP price..

Now I am on about my tenth day.. there is no activity.. he said the campaign would take a month.. note.. NOBODY ELSE says they can come close to sending 200 million emails a month.. more like 2 million emails a month. That is what I consistently heard from others.

Note also that using a gmail address as your reply to is a bad idea.. it increases your bad reputation because it's a free account which makes your mail look like SPAM more so. Managing Reputation of your sending domains, IP addresses and so on is a big deal that HAS TO BE DONE.. but he didn't warn me against using a GMAIL account.. he accepted it.. nobody wise would do that.. nobody who cared about me as a customer would do that. He's a bad businessman at LEAST. Then upon researching more I found he has Police complaints against him in Brazil. He should be shut down but Brazil is slow to apply law fully.. it's just a 2nd world country struggling to survive.

So now I will show you in Portuguese some of the complaints:
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One of those Portuguese complaints translates as follows:

This Cobertt Software should be shut down by the police, as it is a shell firm that does not deliver on its promises and does not return people's money. Mr. Ulisses has no commitment, no word and no character. With their e.mail Sales Boom they deceive and keep money from those who want to work. PLEASE BE AWARE: THEY DO NOT CONTRACT THE SERVICES OF THIS FIRM. YOUR MONEY WILL SURELY GO TO THE DRAIN, AS MINE WAS.

The other one translates as follows:

The Company is Fake, its SALES BOOM emails are [Edited by Reclame Aqui]. They don't deliver what they promise!
Corbett Software
Rio de Janeiro - RJ ID: 113393585 10/11/20 at 2:21 pm
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The Company is FAke, its "SALE BOOM" e-mails are [Edited by Reclame Aqui], they do not disclose anything, it was [Edited by Reclame Aqui]. My email was also obtained illegally. The unsubscribe option is not available in emails, and even when requested, the company does not exclude my email from their SPAM campaigns. They sell the service of advertising companies by email, but, in fact, it's all a lie, pure [Edited by Reclame Aqui]!

On top of that one of the other firms I talked to said they have multiple clients in America who were scammed by Corbett.

Bottom line is that with this much talk about him being a fraud you ought to take it seriously and not give him your money !!!

I should be receiving auto responders each day now for a month is he did what he said but they have stopped days ago. Like someone else told me.. he sends a few so that you get some hits on your inbox.. but he doesn't really do a campaign.. he is a lie.

I was scammed. My goodness made me pay him when I should not have. I lost $1050.