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Answers for Common Questions

Most of the planets are coming up in the same sign for every chart

ANSWER: You probably moved the program out of it's folder. This is very common. Many folks want the icon to be right on their desktop so that when they turn on their computer it's right there, ready to be double clicked on. That's fine- but you have to do it correctly. Put the program back in it's folder, usually called GorJyoV2 on the PC, and instead, create a Shortcut for the program instead. This is covered in the Getting Started manual that came (printed) with your software. It's also covered in the literature that comes with Windows. Generally it's not a good idea to move programs out of their folders. That's why Shortcuts were invented in the first place- so learn to use them. Above all, if you moved the program out of it's folder-Put it back.

Letters instead of Planets in the Charts

ANSWER: First of all. Reboot. Believe me, that often cures this problem. If you did not reboot after installing, that is probably why it is happening. Secondly, if that doesn't work, reinstall the fonts. There is a copy of them in the program folder. Drag these into your Fonts control panel (on the PC) and onto your System Folder (On the Mac). Then reboot.

The Atlas doesn't work correctly.

ANSWER: The main cause of this complaint is NOT tabbing after the country field. It's VERY important to TAB after you enter the country. It is this Tab from the Country field which performs the "find". If you don't do this, it doesn't work.

There's no text in some of the readings.

ANSWER: That's correct- mostly it's the Raja Yogas. They are there as reminders in the list of readings only. They do not yet have text. We haven't written it yet (as of this writing). We still think having them in the list is helpful.

Chart is different from what I'm used to.

ANSWER: Is what you're used to a Western chart by any chance? Vedic Astrology will put most planets one sign back from a Western Chart. This is normal. Welcome to the real zodiac- Western Astrology uses a moving zodiac that during this century is roughly 23 degrees AHEAD of the true zodiac.

I can't get into the program.

ANSWER: Chances are you are clicking Cancel on the "Change Datafile" or "Select Datafile" window. When that window appears, as it does only the first time you are entering the program, select the datafile- it will probably be in the list. On the PC, the datafiles are called like "Data_Lrg" or "Data_Med" or "Data_Sml" depending on which one you installed. Just double click on it and you will get into the program no problem.

It says I have a wrong datafile.

ANSWER: Please see above "I can't get into the program"

I get a blank screen with just File and Edit

ANSWER: Please see above "I can't get into the program"

How do I backup my data?

ANSWER: Use "Export all charts" under File -> Export/Import. Be sure to save the file it creates safely somewhere, and backup on a regular basis, or after entering a significant number of charts.

How do I stop the spinning on the transit window?

ANSWER: On the PC, use Control-Break (also known as Pause). On the Mac, use Command-Period. These are the universal "Stop" commands in the program. They will work wherever you want to stop a long process or seemingly endless loop if any occurs.

After using the transit window, the chart gets messed up.

ANSWER: It's IMPORTANT to use the close box to close the transit window. ONLY leave transits by clicking it's close box- don't click on the rear window or pull down a menu.

It says the Datafiles are Locked or Full

ANSWER: Take the CD out of the machine and try to run the program again. It will probably ask you to "Change Datafile" or "Select Datafile". You were probably connected to the datafile on the CD, which is a "no-no". Other than this, look into it- perhaps your drive is actually full and thus the datafile cannot expand any more. It does expand sometimes as you enter charts.

I'm getting serious happiness from using this program.

ANSWER: Don't worry, many people experience this.

Many things are too big for their boxes.

ANSWER: It's the font problem. See "Letters instead of Planets in the Charts"

Things are cut off.

ANSWER: It's the font problem. See "Letters instead of Planets in the Charts"

Goravani Jyotish

Current Versions on Windows

Answers for Common Questions

My charts keep dissapearing out of the list. (Windows Only)

ANSWER: Use only the Quit command under our programs File menu. If you quit the program using the Close box then we have no way of saving the list as you exit. If you quit using our quit command (under File) then we save the list and the current chart- both will magically reappear next time you enter the program.

How do I close windows (Windows Only)

ANSWER: Normally with the close box. But also, CNTRL-F4 will close the top window. However, it is advisable to always use the close box if it's available to you. This is because some windows DO SOMETHING when you click the close box which they are not alerted to perform if you use the Cntrl-F4 trick. So use the close boxes unless you cannot for some reason.

I'm having printing problems. (Windows Only)

ANSWER: Try using different printer drivers for your printer. Get to know how to configure drivers and other options for your printer. Usually PC printing problems are solved in this way. We usually cannot help. However, call us if your attempts continue to fail to solve the problem.

Things are cut off #2. (Windows Only)

ANSWER: You may have "Large Fonts" turned on in your Display Setup control panel (Settings Tab). To remedy this, or to look into it, Quit the program, then go to the Start Menu, then Settings, then Control Panel, and then open the Display Settings. Click the "Settings" tab at the top of the window that appears. Down below, does it say "Large Fonts". If so, switch it to "Small Fonts" and go through the Reset that follows. Then launch the program again and see if the problem is cleared up. Things DO NOT look right in Goravani Jyotish if "Large Fonts" is turned on- many things appear too big, and overlap and overrun.