Jyotish Studio Features List

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3 ring overlay wheel
Add Readings, export readings, edit and reimport
Affordable, Optional Upgrades
All data output feature
Almost fully functional Demo
Art Charts-Beautiful charts backed by pictures, can add more
Ashtaka Varga-Parashara or Varahamihira
Aspects Table
Asteroids - 5 main Sidereal and Tropical
Atlas Complete International with all time changes, DST
Atlas-all US Hospitals Included
Attributes List-all placements a chart has
Avasta Summaries
Avastas Table
Ayanamsas-Standard & Configurable
Ayanamsas: Lahiri, Raman, Yukteswar, Krishnamurti, User Defined, Tropical
Beautiful full color chart printouts
Beautiful, User Friendly Windows
Benefics, Malefics and Neutrals Grid per ascendant
Bhava Bala
Bhava Chart Systems: Equal, Sripati, Placidus (KP Style)
Bhava Sandhis/Madhyas Proximities to with graph
Built in text processing window, many features output to
Chandra Vela, Vasta, Kriya
Chara Dasha
Chart Overlay Wheel
Chart Searching: Can search for charts by placements
Chart Storage Categories: User can define unlimited Classifications
Chart Styles: Southern, Northern, Yantra, Wheel, Tropical
Chart Types: Rasi, Vargas, Sripati Bhava, Equal Bhava, Placidus Bhava
Charts Included: 3,200 Famous People and 1,000 cities and countries
Classical and Newer Vedic Techniques
Click a date on one window, other windows align, transits align
Click Planet, Readings Pop Up
Color Printouts: A number of main chart pages with dashas
Colorize windows –Chart lists and chart window
Command/Control/Hot Keys throughout program
Compatability: Spousal and General (Business/Friendship), All planets
Conditional Parashari Dashas
Current Situation Feature
Current Transit Readings, or for any date click in Calendar
Customization: User can colorize most things from large pallet
Customization: User can create their own chart window
Daily listing of transit hits
Dasha Systems: Kalachakra, Parashari Conditionals
Dasha Systems: Vimshottari, Yogini, Chara, Mudda (for Varshaphal)
Dashas by 360 or 365
Dashas to eight levels with times of day they change
Dashas-merge diff. ones together, up to 4
Data Output from Template
Date Format: American or European (MO/DA/YR or DA/MO/YR) throughout program
Default City for transits, panchang, and other localized calculations
Demo: Complete Program minus new chart entry, can be upgraded
Distance to Madhyas table and graph
Drekkana Body Parts Listing
Dwadashamsha Meanings Listing
Edit Readings, in program or outside of it
English description of chart printout
Entries/exits of planets into signs and nakshatras
Ephemeris Accuracy: Couple seconds of Arc (based on NASA-JPL Formulas)
Ephemeris Range: Year 1 AD to ....
Ephemeris window, report output
Export Charts, import a few file types
Find Transits (Transit Hits Finder Feature)
Find words in the readings
Friendships of Planets
Full Time Sales/Tech Support- E-Mail
Gradients on chart and chart window, visual effect
Group Charts by Characteristics
Highly Accurate Planetary Calculations
Highly functional Demo with learning aids
Highly recommended by Pros and Students alike
Hits between two peoples charts (compatibility feature)
House Cusp Strength
Import Charts, including from Parasharas Light, AAF, QuickChart
Index of all words in readings with number of times they appear
Install on multiple own computers, Win or Mac, no charge
Installation: totally automatic
Interpretations scope: Basic Placements, Aspects, Conjunctions, Yogas
Interpretations: Database of over 7,000 verses equalling 10 books
Jaimini Karakas
Kakshya Transits
Kakshya Transits
KalChakra dasha
Karakas for a chart report
Karakas for Chart window
Karakas List Huge & Alphabetical
Karakas Lists for all planets, signs, houses
Knowledgeable, Friendly and Helpful Astrologer Staff
KP Ayanamsha, Special Printout
KP Horary Feature
KP Info
KP System
Krishnamurti: Lords to 3 levels for Planets and Cusps, Significators
Kuta Compatibility, traditional
Label the planets in charts many ways
Large International User Base
Large Library of Learning Material built into the program
Learning aids: Numerous On Line Books, tables and pictures
Life Events based Rectification
Lists of Charts: User can create lists of charts
Long notes stored in charts
Lordship readings: By Rashi or Bhava placements
Lordships Grid
Lunar Parallax Correction (moon from surface option)
Mix chart styles on one window
Modern Graphical User Interface
Modern interface, not flat and dull
Months (Lunar)
Multiple charts can be open at same time, 2,3,10, whatever
Nakshatra Distance Tables
Nakshatra Readings
Nakshatra Sub Lords to 3 levels
Nakshatra Tables, Info for Chart
Nakshatras Referrence Page
New/Full Moons/Eclipses
Northern Charts Option
Novel, beautiful chart styles
Numerous types of chart printouts
Numerous types of readings printouts
Online documentation
Outer Planets option per chart
Overlay 2, 3 people’s charts
Panchang Calendar, List, explanations
Panchang, fully featured
PDF-all printouts can be PDF option
Planet representations: Western Standard Glyphs, Two Letter, Colored Icons
Planets Rising Times
Positive and Negative Days Calendar report
Prasna Now
Print top window option
print transit overlays
Printing: Over 50 different printouts, all can be sent to screen first, PDF
Printouts can be in two colors, or black and white
Professional Quality Printouts & Reports
Pure Text Chart Output Option
Quickstart user guide feature
Rahu and Ketu: Mean or True
Rao Format Report
Raw Chart Data
Readings by Dasha Lords
Readings by Planet
Readings by Planet or House
Readings by Varga
Readings found automatically
Readings Pop Up Window
Readings Reports
Readings-for Transits
Readings, about 20 pages per chart, includes yogas
Readings, edit & add, view, find, read, extract
Readings, Famous Charts (and others)
Readings: User can enter new readings, or edit existing ones
Rectify with Life Events, Dashas, Charts
Report Destinations: Printouts/Data can be sent to the Screen, Printer
Report Sets: User can define groups or sets of reports,
Research Shared Attributes for group
Responsive tech support from programmer
Rotate Northern Charts to any asc.
RTF format for all output option
Save Varshaphal as chart, get readings, KP printout, any printouts
Search readings by planet, house, sign
Search the readings database by placement
Search, sort charts numerous ways
Searchable Classics Referrence 10 books
Searches by placement
See all varga charts at once
See degrees in chart onscreen
See planets exactly where they are, or spread for easy viewing
See what words appear most in your readings
See who else has a reading
Selection of text: Most text areas are hilite-able, drag-and-drop-able
sets of reports
Shad Bala
Shastiamshas names, Mal/Ben, Meanings
Signs: As Glyphs or Numbers 1 to 12
Similar Famous Charts Feature
Single PDF booklet output from report sets you define
Sort chart lists many ways
Sounds from Nakshatras (for naming things)
Southern Charts Option
Specify the lagna, it finds the time
Spin Transits
Square Charts Option (Southern)
Stations of planets listing
Stations of Planets lists, window
Strengths window
Study Charts Minutely by “Tags”
Sub and Sub-Sub Lords
Sunrise/Sunset (Rising of all planets too)
Tara Bala Between Planets
Tara Bala Calendar (with meanings listing)
Text, pure text output, most things output to
Tithis, Yogas, Karans
Training Videos
Transit hits setups saved, huge list of hit points per chart
Transit Hits-Powerful Generator/Lister
Transits with Dashas report
Transits-find, jump, list with dashas
Transits-visual, dynamic display
Transits, fully covered in numerous ways
Upa Grahas-including transits to
Varga Charts (incl. 5, 6 and 8)
Varga Placements Readings
Varga Table
Varshaphal -Solar Returns
Velocities of planets, stations, retrogrades
View Many Charts at one time
Vimshottari dashes
Visual Transits movement over a chart
Western Astrology: Outer Planets, Charts, House Systems, Asteroids
Western Chart
Western Chart readings from Vedic Database possible
Wheel Charts
Who has the same readings
Window size and placements on screen,user Define-able, remembered
Window Styles-configurable chart window can be saved, recalled
Yantra Style Chart Printout
Yogas list printouts
Yogas-hundreds of them
Yogi Point, with transits to
Yogini Dasha with readings, 4 levels
Your settings are remembered
Zodiacs: Sidereal (Vedic) and Tropical (Western)

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