Transferring data from v3 to v5+

Version 3 had an export charts bug, so first we’re going to replace the program. So First, go into your hard drive, Find your Applications folder, open it, and find your Jyotish Studio 3 Icon which might look like this:

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Now point at it and RIGHT CLICK on it, which will reveal a menu. To right click, you may have to tap it with two fingers on your track pad, or push down on the lower right corner of your trackpad, depending on how your Mac is setup. The default on Apple Trackpads is a two finger tap. You should get the following menu popping out the side of the icon:
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Select “Show Package Contents” and a folder named “Contents” will appear. Twist the triangle next to that, or open it, and you’ll see a few folder icons or in a list. Note that one of the folders is named MacOS. Hold down both of the keys Option and Command together, and point at “MacOS” and then drag it to the desktop. This will create an alias of it on the desktop.

Leave that for now, and open your web browser, ie Safari or Chrome, whatever you use, and go to

There, scroll down until you see this:

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Click on the blue text that says “” and download that file. Momentarily it will appear in your downloads tab of your dock which if you open it will look like this:
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Drag that file named JyotishStudio.lbs onto your desktop and put it near the alias you made earlier of the MacOS folder, together they will look like this:
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Drag the JyotishStudio.lbs onto the MacOS folder alias and let go, it will then ask you if you want to replace an older file that already exists in that location, or it may say newer one, and you might first get an iCloud drive warning if you use iCloud, say Move to iCloud, or Yes in other words, and say Replace or Yes to the other dialog, as you DO want to replace the file that is already in MacOS with the one you’re moving off the desktop.

Now go back to your window that shows “Contents” and “MacOS” and click the back arrow button in the upper left corner
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and you should come back to your Applications folder and it should be showing Jyotish Studio 3. Double click on Jyotish Studio 3 to launch the program as we can now export charts successfully.

Once you are in the program, pull down the File Menu to Export/Import and over to Export All My Charts as shown here:
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When you select that menu line, a small window will appear and it will say Print File in it. Change that to ChartsToImport.txt as shown below. Type Command-D on your keyboard. That will change the dialog to point at your desktop instead of your documents folder. Now click Save.
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After a brief moment you’ll get a confirmation dialog that looks like this, and you can click OK.
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Now Launch Jyotish Studio Version 5, assuming you have it already installed, if not, do that and then pick up here when you’re ready. In Version 5, once you are in it and it’s activated, that’s important, it has to be Activated, then you can select Import Charts as shown below, which is under the main File Menu, again the Export/Import sub menu:
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Now the Import Charts Window appears as shown below. It is already on Version 2 as the Import Type, and that is what we want...the file format hasn’t changed since V2.
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Now click “Select File”, the button on the right. A dialog for picking out a file will appear. Hit Command-D on your keyboard to make sure it’s looking at the desktop, and look for the file you created called ChartsToImport.txt. Hi Light that line as shown and click the Open button.
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You’ll be returned to the Import Charts window and there will be your charts in the list. Hit the button that says Select All in the lower left, and they will get hi lighted. I only have one chart in my example here so only one chart appears and is hi lighted now in blue.
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Now click the “Save Selected” button in the lower right corner of the window and you will be asked to confirm, to which you can click Yes.
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Now you are told that the charts are imported. The Calculator button it refers to no longer exists, but is instead now a menu line under the File Menu that is INSIDE the Chart List Window. I suggest instead of calculating them all, that you calculate them one by one as you need them.
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To Calculate a single chart when you need it is easy. You just open the Birth Data Entry window by either a Right Click on the chart list, then select it from the menu that appears, or click the Edit Birth Data button that is on the Chart List Window... both bring up the Birth Data window, and you can then just click OK on it, you don’t need to edit anything. Just clicking OK will calculate and open the chart in a window for you.

You are now finished transferring data from v3 to v5. We hope you like v5 a whole bunch. Many of the improvements made in v4 and v5 are subtle, but they add up to a more robust, bug free, powerful and enjoyable program.

You can now throw away the few icons that remain on your desktop from this process. You might want to keep the ChartsToImport.txt file somewhere however, so that your data is backed up in that way outside the program. It’s always a good idea to have your data in multiple formats.

Last edited Oct 5, 2019