All About Goravani Jyotish 2.5

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The demo is the real thing, fully, only locked in that you cannot enter
new charts. The demo CD is what we send everyone. Once you buy it, or if
you buy our program, you install the demo, then get a code from us,
which turns it on. If you have the Beneath Vedic Sky Book CD, that too
can be "turned on" into the full version with just a code. So get the
demo. It has the Sanskrit Sound Files on it, so that you can learn to
pronounce all the words and mantras associated with Jyotish correctly.
It also has all the software training movies on it so you can learn how
to use the program. The demo has MANY fully functioning features (you
just cannot enter your chart, or any chart). There ARE MANY famous
people's charts already saved inside the demo so you can check out all
the features using those charts. So at least get the demo and check out
our program that way. If you like it, we can "turn it on" through email
or a phone call.

A powerful and complete Vedic Astrology Software Program - a perfect
marriage between the wisdom of ancient India and modern Windows and
Macintosh software.

•    Complete Vedic Astrology Software
•    Windows XP, Vista
(for Mac, use our other version)
•    Classical and Newer Vedic Techniques
•    Large Library of Learning Material
•    Beautiful, User Friendly Screens
•    Professional Quality Printouts & Reports
•    Highly Accurate Planetary Calculations
•    Modern Graphical User Interface
•    Readings Reports
•    Large International User Base
•    Commitment to Continued Development
•    Affordable, Optional Upgrades
•    Almost fully functional Demo

Goravani Jyotish comes complete. You get everything you need to do
charts, readings and much more for any person, place or thing, for any
date from Year 1 AD to Year 2500 AD, with great accuracy. The ACS
International and American Atlas with all Time Change/Zone data is
included in every purchase, even on the Macintosh. The program comes
complete with a huge database of edited Vedic Astrological readings.
This means that the readings are acceptable to print and distribute,
whereas often the kinds of readings you find in books from and elsewhere
are not really suitable for use in modern settings. Besides creating
charts and printing reports, the program has hundreds of onscreen
windows that allow you to try numerous astrological techniques, all
applied to the chart automatically as you surf around. With Goravani
Jyotish, you’re assured of both beautiful onscreen use, as well as over
70 different standard and color printouts, all of professional quality.

•    Many hundreds of satisfied users
•    Highly recommended by Pros and Students alike
•    Worldwide acceptance-Large International User Base
•    Full Time Sales/Tech Support- E-Mail
•    ACS Atlas (the best) included in every copy
•    Large, informative web site with down-loadable demos
•    Helpful, Searchable online documentation
•    Knowledgeable, Friendly and Helpful Astrologer Staff
•    Affordable, Optional Upgrades
•    Highly functional Demo with learning aids

Easy to Install and Use

Installing the program is totally automatic and easy. Anyone can do it.
Many complete beginners, both new to computers and our program, have had
no problem installing it on their own, because itís totally automatic.
Then, using the software is equally easy. You simply click ìNewî to
start entry, then enter a few pieces of information, then click ìOKî.
That calculates the chart and all, and then you just start surfing
around the buttons and menus, looking at things, or printing things out.
Thatís it! Thereís not much to learn, and very few need to read the
manual at all. Think of the program as fun. However, itís also powerful.
It is rightly considered by many professionals to be the most powerful
astrological program on Earth today. Thatís because it has powerful
features, but all framed within an easy to understand and use interface.
The more you learn astrology, the more you will come to appreciate
whatís been given to you in Goravani Jyotish.

References from some of our users

These are just a small sampling of the many kind letters we have
received from our users.

I am so glad I got your program! It has so much capability. I looked at
my own chart and even though I am quite familiar with it, your program
told me some things about it that I never noticed.  - JP

The program is simply amazing...brilliant. Thank you very much. - DD

I have been using your beautiful program for all my work these days . .
. and am very happy with the detail, presentation, and depth. Not only
is it a fine consulting tool, it is an excellent teaching tool. I love
that the readings feature allows me to edit and save my own readings
file. You have created a truly magnificent and thoughtful piece of
software! - LA

It's working beautifully. Utterly delighted with the program. - EP

PHEW! I was guided in this choice...I am very pleased. - MM
Your program is fabulous and has almost everything a person could ask
for. I think you classify as a genius. - RD

The software is fantastic!! I can appreciate it because I used to spend
weeks to work all these details out manually when I used to prepare
extensive charts about twenty years ago in India. Traditional,
Krishnamurti, Transits, Varshaphala .... you have got the whole lot. The
analysis in terms of the various yogas occurring in the horoscope is
brilliant. The reports on interpretations based on yogas, sign/house
combinations, planet positions and aspects is excellent. The software is
easy to use and the extensive support material helps me polish up my
some of my rusty concepts. I am delighted and I feel frustrated that I
can not find words to convey how much I appreciate this software. I
understand Jyotish. I also understand Human Computer Interaction and
Software Engineering as I design Tutoring Systems. I can therefore
appreciate the software in all its glory. Such work has to be inspired.
I can feel in my bones that the spirits of the Bhrigu, Parashar, Garg,
Yavan, Chyavan, Bhaskar, Varah Mihir and all other rishis, munis and
acharyas are happy and bless you.

Ashok Patel
Director, CAL Research & Software Engineering Centre
Leicester England, U.K.

Iím convinced that this is the best vedic software ever I have seen. - HS

Thank you so much for such a wonderful program, it is an invaluable
jewel. I am really impressed. I learned to use your program 85% in one
week. I learned in your program in one week what I learned from other
courses in 6 months. -CF

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how impressed I am with
Goravani Jyotish software. The amount and detail of the yogas is
incredible. The way you've programmed the software to call the various
yogas from the planets is great for a beginner. I can click on a planet
and instantly see the yogas and the significance of the placement. From
the same screen I can click on another chart type (Rasi, Chandra Lagna
etc..) and see the planet readings for placements in that type of chart.
It is so easy, fast, and thorough. The advanced dasha techniques are
enough to keep you busy learning for years. Most impressive to me is
that I had a $180 reading done by one of the countries preeminent Vedic
astrologers who has written several books on the topic and his reading
PALED in comparison to your program. I could have told him more about
myself from Goravani Jyotish than he told me and I just got into
astrology several weeks ago! Great work! - MX

I salute you for the great service you have rendered Hinduism; you have
taken it out of the hackneyed, cliche ridden world of deadwood
explanations and offered interpretations that are so insightful. You
have posited the scriptures to the place where they belong, to the
position of the highest science, to the abode of 'sat chit ananda', to
the position where the 'Rishis' viewed it from. - VM

Your program is very complete, I love it, You've put together an
excellent vedic package, and I thoroughly enjoy working with it. -SC

I received the software earlier this week and have been enthralled
since. The video was very helpful. Thank you. There is so much to
Goravani Jyotish that I can see that it could take years to become
proficient in all of the features. It's amazing how accurate the program
is regarding personalities. -FD

I have a two friends here who have purchased your program and one of
them gave me a demonstration. WOW! The best jyotish program I have seen
to date (I've seen most of them and own about 5 or 6). -RD

Iím very impressed. I had no troubles, everything is excellent. -AP

For the western-oriented astrologer learning Jyotish, Goravani Jyotish
is a god-send. It is not only the best Jyotish program available, it is
one of the very best astrology programs available. It has made the
formidable task of learning Jyotish fun, easy, and immediately useable.
I continually marvel at the depth of the program that will keep me
learning for a long, long time. This has been one of my best investments
in my astrological education. Thank you Das, for your commitment to
excellence and your labor of love to make Jyotish available to the West. -BB

Thanks so much for sending me your latest software version. Your program
installed without so much as a tiny hiccup. I found that your
installation instructions were very clear. Let me say that I'm
exceedingly impressed with the quality of the interpretations and the
vast array of on-screen options. You have obviously put a lot of
thought, love and attention to all the nit-picky details into designing
a truly beautiful, user-friendly vedic astrology program. Iím delighted
with it. - EM

I really enjoy your program, and I want to *thank you* for producing it.
It's obviously a labor of love for you, and a tremendous labor saver for
astrologers in general. The interface is beautiful, you've thought of so
many terrific ways to make everything so useful and convenient! -GR

Every time I use it I encounter another feature that makes me say to
myself, "This is an awesome program." -LO

The program is superbly designed. In fact I could find anything within
an hour or so. - RG

The program so far is behaving superbly. I am always full of praise over
your program when I discuss it with anyone. It truly is a magnificent
piece of design and programming.-LI

I do love the program and as I've said before, your work is of
monumental historical significance. -US

I have just printed the first chart with readings. I am absolutely
delighted with the result. I have seen all astro programs available in
India or here in North America, but yours is by far the best, in terms
of ease, depth , and thoroughness.-YR

Much better than my expectation. Every feature is very nice, I have no
words to express my best feelings. Every day I find a new feature in
your program. My mother tounge is not English and you could not
understand Hindi or Urdu, and it is a matter of fact that I could not
praise your program the way in which I want. Very difficult to express
my best feeling to you and your wife. May The Almighty gave you more
courage, ability, knowledge to serve the humanity. God bless you. - MK,
Sydney Australia

I like your Goravani program very much. I think you make it possible for
people to become very fast and accurate in their practice of astrology.
No other program Iíve seen is anything like Goravani Jyotish. Thanks
very much for your efforts for the Indian culture and philosophy. - KK,

I want you to know how grateful I am for your persistent efforts to make
such a high quality product. In my mind, your program has the
distinction of being the best in its class! - RB

I recently ordered your program and I'm extremely impressed with it.
It's so comprehensive, I kept thinking it must be divinely inspired.
Congratulations on a terrific accomplishment! I LOVE IT! -CF

I received the new version and thanks for the entire good job you have
done for the love of GOD. Your software is a tremendous help in my job
of astrologer. -PA, Paris

Since I have purchased (multiple) programs, I think I may be able to
answer this question...I would recommend first to buyers to buy
Goravani's program. It is a MUCH finer product--clearly a labor of
love--intuitive and wide reaching in its scope. - SF

A list of the features found in Goravani Jyotish.

General Features of GJ
Ephemeris Range: Year 1 AD to 2500 AD
Ephemeris Accuracy: Couple seconds of Arc (based on NASA-JPL Formulas)
Atlas: Complete ACS International and American Atlas with all Time
Change/Zone Info in every copy!
Chart Types: Rasi, Vargas, Sripati Bhava, Equal Bhava, Placidus Bhava,
Western, Transits, Solar Return
Transits: Visual dynamic transits, transit readings, find transits,
print transit overlays, transit hits listings
Databases: Transit entries/exits, Stations, Panchang, Readings, Transit
Readings, Famous Charts (and others)
Dasha Systems: Vimshottari, Yogini, Chara, Mudda (for Varshaphal Solar
Interpretations: Database of over 7,000 verses equalling equivalent of
10 books, edited for modern English
Interpretations scope: Basic Placements, Aspects, Conjunctions, Yogas,
Customization: User can colorize most things from large pallette, move
and size then save window positions
Customization #2: User can ìcreate their own windowî (one of the main
windows is very customizable)
Color Printouts:  A number of main chart pages with dashas, transit
overlays, transit readings
Charts Included: 3,200 Famous People and 1,000 cities and countries
Research: Many research aids and features, including comparing groups of
charts, finding charts, and more
Management: Search, sort charts numerous ways, group charts numerous
ways, store charts in various files
Online Learning Aids: Books by Das Goravani and David Frawley, Tables,
Glossary, Readings Database, and more
Western Astrology: Outer Planets, Charts, House Systems, Asteroids,
Tert. Progressed Stations, Progressed Hits
Krishnamurti: Lords to 3 levels for Planets and Cusps, Significators
Table, KP Ayanamsha, Special Printouts
Compatability: Spousal and General (Business/Friendship), All planets
calculated, not just Moon
Demo: Complete Program minus new chart entry, can be upgraded over phone
Installation: One click totally automatic, includes Adobe Acrobat Viewer
for online books and manual
Documentation: Getting started manual, then Searchable Online Adobe
Acrobat based Manual, Context Sens. Onl.
Learning aids: Numerous On Line Books, tables and pictures- Acrobat
based - searchable and printable
Interpretations: Large edited database of readings. Full user access to
edit, change, export, add, etc.
Printing: Over 50 different printouts, all can be sent to screen first,
or printed
Data sharing: Complete data sharing on many levels- text export, drag
and drop, copy and paste


Chart Styles: Southern, Northern, Yantra, Wheel, Tropical
Ayanamsas: Lahiri, Raman, Yukteswar, Krishnamurti, User Defined, Tropical
Zodiacs: Sidereal (Vedic) and Tropical (Western)
Planet representations: Western Standard Glyphs, Two Letter
Combinations, Art Balls, Pictures of Planets
Outer Planets: On or Off
Main Work Window Styles: Four different, one customizable, represent
different flavors of use from art to plain
Signs: As Glyphs or Numbers 1 to 12
Western House Systems: Placidus, Porphyry, Koch, Equal
Vedic Bhava Chart Systems: Equal, Sripati, Placidus (KP Style)
Lordship readings: By Rashi or Bhava placements
Benefics, Malefics and Neutrals Grid per ascendent (affects selection of
Command/Control/Hot Keys throughout program are all user defineable
Window size and placements on screen are always user Define-able then
Date Format: American or European (MO/DA/YR or DA/MO/YR) throughout program
On dasha systems where it applies, user can choose between 360 and 365
day years
Rahu and Ketu: Mean or True
Ashtaka Varga Bindu Scheme: Parashara or Varahamihira
Default City for transits, panchang, and other localized calculations
(just a default-always changeable)
Chart Storage Categories: User can define unlimited Classifications,
then asign to charts, thus creating groups
Readings: User can enter new readings, or edit existing ones, create
their own database, which can export
Progressions: User can define, calculate, print, progression systems;
also, define transit hits setups
Output Templates: User can choose from over 3,000 Jyotish Information
items, create templates for data output
Report Destinations: Printouts/Data can be sent to the Screen, Printer,
File, Clipboard, E-Mail, Word Processor
Selection of text: Most text areas are hilite-able, drag-and-drop-able,
or exportable
Saving/Calculating: User can control what is saved and/or calculated to
reduce time and disk usage
Report Sets: User can define groups or sets of reports, which can be
printed for one or groups of charts
Chart Entry: User can enter charts singly, in groups, or import groups
of them in a number of formats
Lists of Charts: User can create lists of charts, and save those lists,
call them up later for printing, research, etc.
Graphs: After creating research graphs, the user can customize the text,
colors, backgrounds etc. for the graphs
Chart Searching: User can search for charts by a huge array of important
criteria, then save the results list
Batches: User can enter batches of charts, and print for them all any
set of reports, all in one step
Output Cycles: User can choose any cycle, and any data points to
calculate, and output the results to screen, files

All Features List

ACS Atlas Complete in Every Copy!
Add Readings
All data output feature set - front end engine
Astaka Varga System, Bindus, Kakshyas
Asteroids - 5 main
Atlas, huge built in & ACS Link
Atlas-all US Hospitals Included
Avasta Summaries
Avastas Table
Ayanamsas-Standard & Configurable
Benefics/Malefics by ascendent
Bhava Bala
Bhava Sandhis/Madhyas Proximities
Bhrigu Nadi Progessions
Built in word processing
Chandra Vela, Vasta, Kriya
Chara Dasha
Chara Dasha 12 Lagna Printout
Chart Overlay Wheel
Click Planet, Readings Pop Up
Copy and Paste Data
Daily listing of transit hits
Dashas by 360 or 365
Dashas from any planet or cusp
Dashas to four levels
Dashas-merge diff. ones together
Diamond Charts Option
Drag and Drop Data
Drekkana Body Parts Listing
Dwadashamsha Meanings Listing
E-Mail Output of Pure Text Charts
E-Mail Text Output of all Key Data
Edit Readings
English description of chart printout
Ephermeris Window and Printouts
Export Charts
Find Transits
Find words in the readings
Friendships of Planets
Glossary of Sanskrit Words
Group charts by characteristics
Heliocentric Data
House Cusp Strength
Import Charts
Index of words in readings
Jaimini Karakas
Kakshya Transits window and printouts
Karakas for a chart report
Karakas List Huge & Alphabetical
Karakas Lists for all planets, signs, houses
KP Varshaphal
KP System
Life Events based Rectification
Long notes stored in charts
Lordships Grid
Lunar Return (ANY return) Charts
Merge Dashas together
Nakshatra Distance Tables
Nakshatra Readings
Nakshatra Sub Lords to 3 levels
Nakshatra Tables, Info for Chart
Northern Charts Option
Novel, beautiful chart styles
NT Compatability
Numerous types of chart printouts
Numerous types of readings printouts
Outer Planets-an option, on or off
Panchanga Calendars
Panchanga explanations
Panchanga Listing, Lookup
Planets Entries to Signs/Nakshat.
PowerMac Native
Prasna Window (always current)
Professional Looking Printouts
Progressed Hits-Secondary/Tertiery
Pure Text Chart Output Option
Rao Format Report
Readings by Dasha Lords
Readings found automatically
Readings, edit & add, view, find, read, extract
Readings-for Natal Chart
Readings-for Transits
Readings-for Varga Placements
Rectify with Life Events, Dashas, Charts
Research Shared Attributes for group
Rising Times-all planets any city
Rotate Northern Charts to any asc.
Search readings by planet, house, sign
Secondary Progressed Hits
See all varga charts at once
See degrees in chart onscreen
See who else has a reading
Shad Bala
Shastiamshas names, Mal/Ben, Meanings
Similar Famous Charts Features (many)
Southern Charts Option
Square Charts Option (Southern)
Stations of Planets lists
Study Charts Minutely by ìTagsî
Sub and Sub-Sub Lords
Sudarshan Chakra-3 ring overlay wheel
Sunrise/Sunset (Rising of all planets too)
Tara Bala Between Planets
Tara Bala Calendar (with meanings listing)
Tertiery Progressed Hits & Stations
Tithis, Yogas, Karans
Training Videos on every CD Demo & Full
  and more for sale for more training
Transit readings by date range
Transits with Dashas report
Transits-find, jump, list with dashas
Transits-visual, dynamic display
Transit Hits-Powerful Generator/Lister
Upa Grahas-including transits to
User can colorize windows and objects
Varga Charts (incl. 5, 6 and 8)
Varga Placement Summaries
Varga Placements Readings
Vargas-view all at once
Varshaphal -Solar Returns
Varshaphal-KP Option
Velocities of planets, stations, retrogrades
View Many Charts at one time
Visual Transits movement over a chart
Western Wheel Chart
Western Chart readings from Vedic Database
Wheel Charts Throughout Option
Yogas list printouts
Yogas-hundreds of them
Yogi Point, with transits to
Yogini Dasha with readings, 4 levels
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