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Interpretation Checklist
  • Natural Benefics verse Natural Malefics

  • Signification’s of Planets, Houses, and Signs

Interpretation Checklist

  • Natural Benefics verse Natural Malefics

  • Signification’s of Planets, Houses, and Signs

  • Temporary Benefics and Malefics by Lagna and Moon Sign

  • Kendras/Angle Houses 1/4/7/10 Trikonas/Trines 1/5/9

  • Neutrals 2/11 Dushtana 3/6/8/12 Upachayas 3/6/10/11

  • Planetary States

  • Residence in own, friend, neutral, enemy, debilitation, exaltation, Mulatrikona Houses

  • Residence in natural malefic verse benefic Signs (Rashis)

  • Retrogression or combustion

Overall rule: We have to note the House, how is the Planet for that House, how is the Planet aspected, conjoined, by others, and how is the dispositor of that House doing, and is the Planet in a Sign good for it, do the natures mix nicely, does it work well with other parts of the chart.

  • All Bhavas will give rise to exclusively good results if

  • occupied or aspected by benefics or their own lords,

  • or by Planets owning benefic Houses,

  • provided such Houses are without the aspect of association of malefics.

  • This will be so even if malefics own the Houses concerned.

  • This good effect of the Houses will be certain if

  • the Planets involved are strong, that is,

  • not in their debilitation constellation, not combust,

  • and not in an enemy’s constellation.

  • A Bhava suffers destruction when

  • the Bhava itself,

  • it is lord and its significator (Karaka Planet)

  • are devoid of strength and are hemmed in between malefics,

  • or are associated with or aspected by malefics

  • or unfriendly Planets and not by others

  • or if the fourth, the eighth and the twelfth Houses

  • or the fifth and ninth Houses from them

  • are occupied by malefics

  • These results will be very evident and apparent when

  • several of the conditions mentioned occur at the same time.

More on Interpreting Charts

My thing is to read overall characteristics of the person’s divine struggle or challenge in life. This is where my realizations always go.

The whole chart matters together in all matters, but we start from different starting points based on different matters.

Examples: We look to the ninth as our starting point in matters dealing with one's relationship to divine revelation. Then we can read the whole chart from the ninth House as the Lagna, and see all relationships from there, on top of the situation for the ninth lord and House, in the Rashi chart proper, as well as in the Moon Lagna Chart.

The play of the lords in all these charts, adding in their Navamsha placements, Nakshatra Placements, Shad Bala, Play in the Major periods of the life or not, gives us the overview of the situation in the chart.

To do this, we must see patterns quickly. For example, we begin with the Rashi chart. We should immediately see and feel the lordships placements as per the Rashi chart. We should then turn to the Chandra Lagna chart immediately and see it all over again there. Note mentally any repeating patters or "confluence areas", places where Planets are saying the same things, causing a "confluence" or "gathering of influence" on one spot with one message.

So now we see the Rashi, and we see the Relationship to that of the Chandra Lagna, which is to say we have grasped the life of the outer physical being from the Lagna, and from the Chandra Lagna we have gathered about the inner person's vision of their world and self.

We then note if there is agreement, conflict or the specific difference or relationship, between the outer Karma and the inner hopes and wishes.

We now know the person overall. We know their life challenges, we know their inner motivations. We see the Dashas, and how some of each of these two charts will likely be revealed due to the presence of the appropriate Dasha lords in the years of life, whereas we note the less likely to manifest due to the absence of the appropriate Dasha lords in the reasonable life span.

We note the Transits, at least the major ones that are coming or have recently been. We do this because the slow transits, of the Nodes, Saturn and Jupiter, are significant. The Jyotish knows where these Planets are at all times, so, it is very easy for them to quickly realize where they've been in the last few years.

So, they can quickly and easily see if the person has recently been through Saturn's transit over the natal Moon or Ascendant, or Sun, or oppositions to these. These major transits are effectual, and one must be aware, that no matter what else is going on, if the person is in Sade Sati, then certainly things are different than if they are not.

Planets act according most to the subtle science of lordship, combined with their natural personalities. Seers must learn to realize these combinations. In doing so, one is primarily combining:

1. The Planets lordships in the Rashi Chart

2. With who the Planet is naturally

3. With the dispositor and House it is in

4. With it is Navamsha dispositor situation

5. With Nakshatra information

6. Other influences like aspects/conjunctions/transits

This is a lot of information.

Learning who the Planets are naturally is important. Then learning of what lords do, then realize that this lordship forces the Planets to take on qualities, which are added onto their natural natures, like cloaks of duty and also attitude change.

For example, Jupiter is naturally expansive, but as 8th lord in the second he takes on some bad qualities as the 8th lord, such as accident causing, and demonstrates "expansive" "speaking" leading to "accidents". That is just combining one Jupiter word with one, second House word with one 8th lord word. It is this combining of influences that one must learn, by reading lists of Karakas , like those presented in GJ the program.

The influences upon the dispositor of a Planet, and it is Navamsha dispositor's situation in the main Rashi chart, these greatly shape the direction the Planet will demonstrate it is activities. If "pure" influences are exerted upon these factors, then the Planet will demonstrate it is result in a way, which is pure, and leads to greater benefit in life. And then the opposite is true.

For example, look to the Navamsha lord of the Moon, and then see that Planet back in the Rashi chart. See what kinds of Planets are it is conjunctions or dispositor. Like if Ketu, then the person associates easily in renounced settings of spiritual awareness, and if Venus, then the worldly intelligent and successful class of persons as well as the artistic and those enjoying life, become one's associates easily, and if Jupiter, then the person tends towards the learned and aristocratic...and so on.

It is because a Planet does what it is told, but because it has a personality of its own, it does the stuff "his way". So, the Moon does things "her way", but she "does what she's told to do" by the Sign, the situation with her dispositor, and so on.

All Planets do what they are told, but they do things "their way". So this is why the situation with the LORDS of the Planets main "sitting spot" becomes SO important.

The Lords of the "spot of sitting" is the Rashi lord of that Sign, and the Navamsha lord of that Sign. These dispositor are sitting somewhere in the Rashi chart. Look there. And without extending judgment further, without going to a secondary level, read their situation straight out, and know that that situation is being pushed down upon the Planet we started with, and heavily directing it. Then see those directives being manifest through said Planet, according to the nature of that Planet.

In other words, the lessons come from the greater majority, which represents the interacting parts of the material energy manifested from divinity, as seen as the interaction of multiple Planets in the chart, then being directed down through one Planet in the chart, to actually create a "born in blending" event in one specific area of life.

Like, I have Jupiter and Saturn in the 9th in Sagittarius. Jupiter MahaDasha ran from around 10 to 26 years of age, and I've been in Saturn since then and still am.

But the Jupiter, even though so strong it seems, is the MahaDasha where I experienced the Saturn influence on that ninth House and Jupiter. Then, in Saturn major I am experiencing the beneficence of that Jupiter upon that Saturn So the events of the Dashas are more reflective of the INFLUENCES on the MahaDasha lord.

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