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Parallax Correction

Normally the planetary positions have been calculated as if looking at them from the center of the Earth. The "longitudes" of the Planets that we use in astrology as "their position in the Zodiac" is taken as if we are looking

Parallax Correction

What it is

Normally the planetary positions have been calculated as if looking at them from the center of the Earth. The "longitudes" of the Planets that we use in astrology as "their position in the Zodiac" is taken as if we are looking at the Planet and the Star backdrop behind them from the center of the Earth. Parallax correction means to instead change the programming code such that we are looking at the Planets from the place of birth on the surface of the Earth. This only affects the Moon enough to matter (I'm told) and so I added it for the Moon only. Hence we call it "Lunar Parallax Correction". So, when this is on, the Moon in the chart will shift a little, because our angle of vision in "looking at it" changes slightly. Remember or realize this to understand: he Zodiac, which we are "placing" the Planets in, is way further away from us than the Planets are. So, the Planets are only appearing "to be in a certain spot" in the Zodiac, if we change our viewpoint, our line of vision through the center of the Moon say, and then on out to the Zodiac belt, since it is a straight line of vision, it will pivot on the Moon as a pivot point, if we move our viewing point, and the end result point where that line "hits" in the Zodiac will also sweep along. This same principle is what causes the apparition of retrograde motion of the Planets.

Is it better?

Astrologers have not used it much in recent decades because they did not usually have access to it. Few programs had it, which is the main reason. Ephemeris books were printed without it too. So, it is basically not been available to most, and was not talked about either. However, it does make more sense, just as not killing animals makes easy sense to children. If I tell you to look from where you were born, few would argue that the center of the Earth makes more sense. Consider further, that the Ascendant, an all important point, is based on your location, not the center of the Earth, and that is why we need the longitude and latitude, so far, it was "only for the Ascendant" and figuring out what Greenwich time you were born at. Otherwise, we wouldn't need to know where you were born. Consider further, everyone born at the same moment all over the Earth has the exact same Dashas if we go with a Earth centered Moon view. I think that can't be right. So, Parallax correction individualizes your Dashas to your moment AND place of birth, which to me makes more sense. None of this is proven in research; again, I hope to get to that point someday.

Whos thinking it is better and is using it?

Very few, simply because they haven't had it. The most common response will be "my Dashas are all off". This is simply in reference to what they're used to, and not necessarily any reality on any level. Since big guns like KN Rao have lived their whole lives using Earth centric calculations and have made their name arguing the greatness of their own predictions using Earth centered, to suddenly admit that another system, which changes the Dashas often by months, sometimes years, is correct, is out of the question on the grounds of saving face. So, it is not something that is suddenly going to be accepted widely. There is too much embarrassment potential here because of the fact that it shifts the Dashas so much.

Small Points

1. Because the Earth centered view of the Moon and the Parallax corrected view are the same if the Moon is straight overhead (the Midheaven) or directly opposite that point (conjunct the 4th House cusp) in a chart, therefore in such cases there will be no difference between the two views. When the Moon is around the 1st and 7th House cusps the difference becomes greatest.

2. Picture drawing a line through the chart across the 4/10 axis. Now see the half, which contains the 1st House, as opposed to the other half of the pie containing the 7th House. If the Moon is in the Lagna's "half", with Parallax correction you will move forward in the Dashas as compared to what you're used to. So, persons in malefic Dashas will instantly want to embrace parallax correction if their Moon is in the say 11th, 12th, 1st, 2nd or 3rd Houses. We have embraced it so far, on other grounds as well that things line up better. If the Moon is in the 7th Houses half, i.e., 5,6,7,8,9 Houses, then you will move backwards in time in the Dashas.

3. The amount it affects the Moon position is usually minutes but can be more than a degree. I've heard it can be up to 2º, which of course is around 1/7th of the length of a Nakshatra or therefore of a MahaDasha, and of say Venus MahaDasha at 20 years, that can swing it by over 2 years, but I've not seen this.

My position

I think it is correct based simply on grounds of logic, that if we can personalize our calculations to the place and moment of birth, we are more correct. Period. That is why I accept it. It does happen to make my Dashas make more sense too. I do too little astrology with others charts to say whether I've seen a pattern with others.

The lesson of the oak tree

There was once a Yogi, who was depressed. He needed some instruction from above he felt. He knew that nature speaks for Divinity, if we would only listen.

He stood near an Oak tree one day, greatly feeling the need for input from above.

Then he understood these teachings, which came from the Oak Tree.

Do as I do, and always reach up, towards the source of life. As you do, you will grow, it is a natural process. The source of life will give you rays, with, which you can grow.

As planned by the greater environment in, which we live, there will come times when your ability to feel the rays from the Source will drop off, as my leaves fall off each year. During those times, I just stay where I was, I don't lose ground in my reaching. I just wait for that hard time to pass. So also, when the hard times come, and you feel cold and unable to feel the Divine rays, just stay as you were, and wait. Don't give up the reaching point you came to.

As this happens to me each year, a ring is added to my waist. This makes me stronger, so the next time the rays come, I am able to reach a little higher, and I grow a little more. Without the ring born of the difficult period, I would not be able to grow.

So also for you dear Yogi, when the hard times come to you, just stay, and a ring will be added unto you. You will be stronger by it, and later, when the right time comes again, you will grow and reach higher, and feel even more better rays.

The rings will make you more callous in one sense, more sturdy, less affected by the smaller changes in the environment. These rings are your wisdom, your steadiness, and your determination to stand strong and reach high.

Many rings, and a high reach, are the Signs of maturity. Do not struggle against this process, it will make you a large oak tree, and oak is ruled by Jupiter, which is the force of teacher, of enlightenment and realizations about our true selves, and true position.

After hearing these words, the Yogi went home, no longer upset, for now he knew that he was simply feeling the adding of one ring, which was for his betterment for future days of even more exciting expansion and growth, just as from Winter, Blooms Spring.

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