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The Goravani theory
  • All energy is from the central source and contains the codes of behaving as the central source.

The Goravani Law:

  • All energy is from the central source and contains the codes of behaving as the central source.

  • The toss of energy into this sphere we call space occurred, and ever since then, it's been spinning in fractal and related ways to the original toss combined with the inbuilt laws in each particle of central sourced or 'divine' energy or atoms. They react according to divine laws only always.

  • Everything has gravity, and thus the largest objects pull the most, and all smaller objects are subject, including minerals and water in the human body, totally subject to planetary gravity.

  • The planets orbits all 'perturb' each other, this is scientific or fact to astronomers and NASA, the perturbations of the planets on each's orbits.

  • Once that is fully understood and clearly grasped in the mind, it is not hard to see that the sweeping and ever slighting changing gravity combinations affect each person and thing variously depending on their makeup which is from when they were built under the same forces.. some will lean left, when others lean right, under the same transits, because it is their unique brain and it's unique mineral/water makeup that reacts to the pulls, thus, two people, are DESTINED to get into a marriage, or car crash, even every chip of paint that falls off a rusty car, is RIGHT ON TIME perfectly... And yes, it is set, what you will eat, in two weeks, at lunch, as well as all you will ever think.

  • This is physics fully seen in daylight clear, and it is also clearly obviously one with the concept that we are all one, yet diverse, in a oneness, that is part of god, and it only makes sense thereafter, that this divine energy takes us the witnessing souls to higher and higher levels of development.

  • This Law is Pure Unadulterated Divine Determinism.

  • It was found with Jyotish, Hindu Astrology, and by looking at life, and reading all scriptures I could. Mainly, it is obvious from physics, astronomy, of which I know enough, to see this clearly, and to see it proven to me by jyotish, was the clincher.

  • Gravity, subtle, from all the planets, creates your thoughts by pulling molecules this way and that as the planets move, making connections on microscopic levels in the brain, and all matter is being pulled like this, ultimately, it shakes everything to dust.

  • I would not be surprised if all is eaten by black holes until there is only one large one, then it explodes, and that is the big bang, it all starts over, on our level, with our eyes and understanding, but there is a higher way of seeing it, and that is, that this is how the divine births new souls into the highest plain of pure enjoyment, slowly, the hard way, by training, in lives that end, in a world that ends, before introduction to the world and lives that never end.

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