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Clusters of Planets are like gathering of executives in one room. Like "ah, here we have the King, his son, the Worker, the General, the Guru, and one demon's head


Clusters of Planets are like gathering of executives in one room. Like "ah, here we have the King, his son, the Worker, the General, the Guru, and one demon's head, all gathered in a room talking, and it happens to be the Generals office" (Aries). (an example)

When a lot of people gather, actually they start to think weird things like "look at what he's wearing", and "I've never noticed all those wrinkles", and "when am I going to get to say something".

This is the same with the Planets. They interact and talk. They associate. They are not all friends and not all enemies, it is very complex. If you get to know them as the people that they are, it will become obvious what they are saying. What they are saying is then who the person is.

For example, I have Jupiter and Saturn in the 9th in Sagittarius. I am in Saturn Dasha, and was therefore previously in Jupiter Dasha. Jupiter ran from 10 to 26, and Saturn has been running since then, as I'm now 38.

So during Jupiter Dasha, I acted like Jupiter in the 9th in Sagittarius. I was entered the Hare Krishna movement, which is intensely strict and religious, and I was a heavy to some degree therein, an "officer" if you will. I ran temples and travelled with one of the world leaders of the movement as his secretary. So I was in the offices of one of the worlds leading strict Hindu movements. That about sums up Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 9th. But during that time Saturn kept "talking" to Jupiter.

What was he saying?

Well, how does Shani feel about Guru and Sagittarius?

Picture a dirty old poor worker man standing in the well-appointed room of a very rich and powerful man. He's jealous perhaps? Not really. Shani is not a jealous person. He's very very real. So, he sees the stupidity of spending your money on decorations. He sees the pride in Guru. He sees how fat Guru is. He sees how the "aims" of Sagittarius would be much easier achieved without the fat and pride of it is Lord. So in this way, he walks around the room faultfinding a lot of little things.

He doesn't speak though. Shani is very humble. He kind of implies by how he just looks around and doesn't say much.

So the result of this was, in my mind, I saw all kinds of little problems with the HK movement and that Guru I was serving during those years. It was like, at every turn, there was some problem.

Esoterically speaking, I joined a cult, which was going through serious last death movements, as the founder was already gone. The new Gurus were not ready, and especially the one I was under was one of them who was least ready. He got into all kinds of stuff, which did not help the stability of the movement at all.

So esoterically one would say "Saturn corrupts the ninth House" and one would predict that Father and Guru and so forth, there will be problems, they will be sinful and low, or something like that.

In fact, neither my father nor any of my Gurus were sinful and low. They were however weak in various ways. Weak because my 1st Guru could not keep up his Sannyas, and low and behold, when he entered Saturn MahaDasha he left and got married. My father, had serious mental problems probably born of his heavy involvement in world war II, and had to be hospitalized. He was an officer in the Navy though, and a very very sweet man up until his death last year. It is not surprising he died in my Shani Dasha is it?

So during Saturn Dasha for me, the spotlight is on Saturn OK, we'll do it your way, but I'm going to help you. That is what Jupiter says. Although not his favorite charge, he tries to help Shani.

So in this Dasha, my mind is more focused on going up, rather than seeing how I'm going to fall. In Guru it was like, I'm up here at the top, and Gee, Wow, there's serious things wrong.

Now I'm in Shani Dasha and instead I know, there's always everything about to go wrong, or already wrong, so lets see what I can do to make it better. Jupiter is speaking in Shani's ear, and it is much more inspiring to listen to. Rather than hearing a kind of bitter grumble, I hear a golden optimist. Consequently, I'm much more powerful.

A hard working and real person being inspired with optimism is much more productive than a puffed up Guru Serving Brahmachari who inside is hearing all sorts of problems. So That is actually a sidetrack on listening to Dashas.

Back to clusters, for one way to understand, make paint mixtures in your minds eye for the Signs and all the Planets in them. For example, Rahu in Libra. Libra is black according to classics, but I think it is more like gray black, as Krishna is also called black, but he's really a purplish blue gray color. So anyway, take dark gray, and mix in Blue or Black for Saturn, and you have a pretty dark and solid steal blue color, like a really staunch and hard dark color. This color represents solidity very much so. Un budging, exalted Saturn

Take blood red for Aries, and mix in Saturn, and you have Purple. Put Rahu in Taurus and you're mixing yellow green (Taurus) with a brown, and you get a brownish green, like Fall or Autumn.

Some of the mixtures are nice colors, but if you have a lot of aspects or Planets in one House, you end up always with mud color, like a kid in kindergarten who mixes all the colors together. It is muddy. When doing your mental mixing, remember to keep it all rather pastel, so you can see, not heavy dark colors, this is instead a subtle science, a subtle level of power is what the Grahas have, and so it is all subtle so keep it all pastel, so you can see the colors.

Then think of the colors in life. I give you a case:

Leaves turn brown and fall off the trees right? So brown is not spring and life, brown is fall and death. Moss is green, if it is brown it is dead. After being burned all summer by the Sun (when it is happening to be in Leo then Virgo), by the time the Sun is in Libra the leaves are falling. No wonder he's chilling out in Libra, he already burned out everybody he knows!

So when I look across the autumn trees cape, I see how all the trees are burnt colors on their south facing sides especially (since I live the North, the Sun is in our Southern Sky).

What color do businessmen where? The color of Libra, gray, black, blue, Saturn Libra. See? This is easy. Libra is the scales of commerce. They have taken to all wearing the same uniform, another Libra thing.

Generals and cops like to have Red stripes here and there. Mars and Sun red colors are so intense that they are only needed in small amounts, a stripe here and there, like on the hat. That is why Mars is small as a Planet, it is wavelength is intense but small. It is easy to mess up the red color too. If you add almost anything to it you get death, I mean brown, right away. Like if you mix in Green, then you get mud. So Mercury is not such a good idea. Esoterically, a hot intelligence or a fiery one can be bad, if other things are bad, it is bad. If other things are balancing and stabilizing, then it can be powerfully great.

Moon in Aries, kind of produces pink. So pink is weird, it is a childish girly color. Well, That is right, if all things are balanced in the chart well enough, then it can make people who like little animals and children and so on. Good mothers, and such, nursery rooms, play Houses, things dealing with little fiery vermin (That is my word for children).

However, pink can go weird, like, little children's voices in the mind chanting away, "go ahead and kill it" "go ahead and kill it", making the person insane. In other words, like all things it depends on the chart. I hope the foreigners on the list can understand my California style macabre humor.

So the point is, mix colors and try to see what you get and that will help you to understand the person.

Next, understand the dynamics of Ego amongst the Planets, and what the House and Sign tells you about who is winning. Like lets say Jupiter Sun and Mars conjoin. Right away you know that they are all natural friends, so it is a "yuck it up session with the big boys". So firstly immediately the person will have that in their personality, they will be a "Mans man", a real strong head, reflecting that power congress going on in the chart.

Then, you can know that the Sun and Mars are going to have to listen to Guru, normally. However, if it is one of their Signs, not Gurus, or one of their Houses, like the angles, then it is more their way, and less religious. If it is a weaker or religious House like 9 and 12, then probably Guru is doing the talking, unless Mars is angry, like if they're all in Capricorn or if Saturn is in one of Mars's Signs elsewhere in the chart, or that Jerk Rahu is, then Mars will get all hot and the other two are going to have to listen to him spout off a lot. See, you can get away with a lot in front of friends, even if one of them is your Guru. But in front of enemies or people you hate, you shut up or just kill, or act weird, but you don't display so much of your good side or honest side.

So let's say Saturn and Mars conjoin in Capricorn in the 10th.


So Saturn is in charge because it is his House, but Mars is exalted and in dik Bala, so he feels pretty good too. Basically, it is all out war. The person’s career will reflect both total staying power with control and endurance (Saturn) with the ability to suddenly switch and take on new things with zeal and energy. Such a person would be an amazing worker at times. However, these two ways are opposite and not the same and not one. They cannot coexist in reality, and one will win this true planetary war. The person’s nerves will begin to become wrecked by the stress of the two. If in the same chart you see in fact indications of this, Moon and Mercury conjoining or aspected by (which squaring is enough given the 75 percent aspects of these two), then you can know how the person will be life long breaking under this conjunction.

Lets say Moon and Venus conjoin in Venus's House. Oh ladies, well HELLO. This is going to be fun, we can decorate, and cook, and clean, and sing songs with the kids, and clap our hands, and dance around, and act totally stupid and get away with it. I mean, how frivolous, pink on white, on shades of saffron and a little blue too....oh boy what nursery rhyming fun. That is one side, of course, aspects and so forth can make it go many ways, but by themselves this is a very bright conjunction, and thus considered highly benefic.

You know how when military people dress up, they were really sharp solid colors, like in the US here the marines wear this royal blue with little stripes of gold and red and such. They are displaying how awesome and together they are.

These kinds of colors appear rarely in a chart, but they do, and they produce awesome people. They are called actually the "MahapurushYoga", which just means "Great Persons". There are rules for them that you all probably know, but really take it like this:

When a Planet gets to display it is color very clearly with no mud or other polluting influences, then you get that color prominently placed in the chart and it will show in the life.

So Jupiter creates Gold, Saturn Blue, Mars Red, Sun than translucent Ruby color, Mercury Green, Moon Milky, Venus Rainbow, and so on. I believe they all have their colors and dignities, including the nodes, though they are very hard to work with and understand because they are not welcome anywhere, as neither are the outer Planets, who I believe are also Rakshashas, and therefore simply not honored in the Vedas as their effects are simply always malefic upon the other Gods who are trying to be good, at least as often as their Karma allows them to be.

So if you have solid gold on the 10th House, and Gold is a color that your rising Sign likes, then you have a real HamsaYoga. You become that person who has a gold streak in their personality and Karma.

Back to conjunctions, lets say Mercury, Sun and Venus conjoin. That is typical. So if it is in a Mercury ruled Sign, then Mercury is doing a lot of the talking, and Venus is adding pleasure statements, how to get a lot out of the situation, and the Sun is trying to direct, but whatever he says Venus tries to say how something nice could be gotten out of that, and Mercury wants to analyze this, and in this way, it is not a very productive conversation. It gets really weird now if Rahu joins, because he is going to be criticizing all three of them constantly, and Venus is going to agree with half them time, and the Sun is going to feel very threatened, and Mercury is going to be cluelessly going back and forth agreeing with all of them each one at time...being uncommitted, so it is getting pretty bad. Now add Saturn, and the Sun might as well then go to sleep. The persons self worth feelings are going to go down, reaction is going to come up, they therefore will have a hard time rising in life except through less than beautiful and graceful means, and so on.

Clusters always produce mud or confusion, or so much activity that nothing happens concrete. Like clusters in the 2nd can produce no speaking, as the person simply “thinks everything” and therefore says nothing ultimately. Clusters around the Moon can produce a complex mind, with a lot to consider, as all those Planets are lords of Houses and thus carry packed agendas of consideration.

Two people can talk, and sometimes get something done, but one is better. Three, it is becoming a committee, with four, forget it, beyond that, phew.....Capricorn 1962, wow.

That is why the classics all say “many Planets in one House is SannyasYoga”. It generally messes things up and creates so much hassle over everything in life that the person just gives up the hassle of life for a simpler Ashram setting.

I hope this has helped and not hurt. You see, my Jupiter/Saturn conjunction is questionable, or is that just Saturn saying that about it because he says that about everything in this world?

Yes, a cluster of Planets in the 1st House would mean that there is a lot of discussion going on about the person. If the cluster is more malefic in tone and personality, then that would be hard on the health. If it is overall a benefic cluster, then it is less bad. If it is a hot cluster, Pitta diseases will manifest, if it is a benefic cluster, the person will be overweight or have too much junk in their life.

A cluster in the third House makes it nearly impossible for the person to get comfortable as that is one of the issues of the third House, hence they would be good in uncomfortable positions in life like the military or other combative situations.

A cluster in the 11th gives a lot of issues with gains, dream chasing, wanting, etc.

A cluster in the 6th makes a person paranoid, as "enemies are everywhere". I heard of one guy who had that Capricorn in 62 cluster in his sixth. He carried a gun on bike rides, just in case. He was also a "good" lawyer.

Clusters in the 8th give mysticism and sexual issues.

Clusters can also represent reactionism towards one other strong Planet. Say somebody has a really good placement. The other Planets, being threatened, are all talking together somewhere, but depending on Signs involved, Planets involved, you may find that there group is somewhat powerless, given the prominent other placement.

Parivartans are sly tricks. A type of cluster, they are a preplanned type of planetary espionage, where, two Planets agree to work together though not together, "you keep an eye on my office and I'll do the same for you". It is best if they are friends, similar, and good in each other’s Houses, like Sun in Aries and Mars in Leo, or how about Moon in Sagittarius and Jupiter. in Cancer., though the 6th/8th of Moon and Jupiter is never to be aspired for, and don't do it in Prashnas etc. unless you know what you're doing with it with the Lagna.

Clusters in the 12th cause poverty issues and just wasting time issues, the 2nd, money and 1st family, constraints and issues imposed by that, which is half close such as family and money, 4th House clusters are often found in the charts of murderers, meaning that their are inner heart issues, inner emotional issues, too many voices there, and thus confusion.

5th House clusters, not as bad as some. Such a strong House. Education, creativity, an overactive intelligence, hard time focusing on one thing in the mind...hard on career as it is the 8th therefrom, like having Planets in the 8th in the Rashi chart, so it is hard on the "body" of the career.

Clusters in the 7th, issues with other people. Anything in the 7th is almost like having it in the 1st . It becomes very prominent.

Clusters in the 9th, father issues, authority issues. I know a young girl who has, check this out,

Mars, Moon, Rahu., Jupiter, in Leo, in the 9th.

The Moon is between Mars and Rahu by 2º on each side. That is tight.

She says "Fuck" every other word. She communicates by swearing and yelling. That is normal to her.

Naturally her relationship with her father is incredibly messed up, as is her relationship with religious authority figures, God in general, and all the indications of the 9th House. She is basically fodder for danger at this point, unprotected, as protection is the best thing the 9th can offer.

That about covers the cluster thing.

Conclusion: Unless they are very compatible, and only 2 or 3, chances are their will be confusion and the House they conjoin in will such the life from the Houses they own, and thus create "issues" as we say these days, around the House they conjoin in, as if to say, "we've all come here to pay attention to this House because there's issues here". They then create the issues, or by recognizing them, they make them real. In the end, That is what happens. That is the Lord's plan.

I have one last example. I know a man with Jupiter, Mercury and Venus conjoined in his 11th. I forget, which Sign, though I think it is one of Venus's or Mercury's, but not Jupiter’s that I remember.

He is witty. Oh man is he bright. He's a poet, a writer, knows computers, Shastra, you name it. He can entertain like nothing else. He is so shiny and bright and funny it is unreal. But, he's always trying to make it big, and never can. He has received not so much recognition for his many books of poetry and prose and speaking. He's active, very active, always out there campaigning so to speak, but the results are meager, partially in my mind simply because the focus is lacking, and he's so Mercurial, that you can't be around him too long, and a turn off rarely "makes it". So see, issues, issues, issues, when there's too many voices, they all say something different, and there ends up just being confusion and time wasted.

FOCUS is wanted for results to be obtained.

CONFUSION is good for shopping and trying things on. In Gods eyes nothing is ever wrong. Everything is always His way. So, there is a reason for every thing in every life. I am not judging, except inasmuch in astrology we are always talking from the materialistic viewpoint of material results in life.

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