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SIgnifications of the Planets

Ambition authority bile problems boldness chest and head consciousness courage determination energy eyesight, weak faith fame father hot inflexible

Of the Planets

0 Sun

Ambition authority bile problems boldness chest and head consciousness courage determination energy eyesight, weak faith fame father hot inflexible king impact of ones personality influence nobility optimism personality political power reliance on self Soul vitality.

4 Moon

Beauty conception, childbirth blood calmness mental condition clothes mother emotions femi9 qualities glandular system groceries, commodities, basics overall health overall life (like 1st House)nocturnal navigation nourishing passion romance peace thinking vegetation want of practicality white water womb.

F Mars

Ability to organize accidents, bleeding, disaster actions of heroism aggressive, ambitious averse to control bases, military brothers caution, determined, enduring chemistry chivalry, competition, combat confidence, courage, daring enemies energy, impulsive, impatient engineers, precision goal oriented hates opposition inimical to idleness Jupiter regulates him love for work manliness, princes passion, extravagance police, army, fire, rescue red things self confidence self employed, non-subordinate strength, muscles.

B Mercury

Accuracy, analytical adjustment, not originality averse to love/devotion communications, editing comprehension, research computer knowledge convertible nature, sexless diplomacy, discrimination elegance, eloquence fun, liberal general success green things idealism, averse to intelligence, knowledge, wit intuition, memory, logic journalists, mathematics medicine, astrology medium of truth, sciences messengers, public speakers polarization, its central quality publishers, scholars short distance day to day travel skin, virility speech, writing study, books, education Vishnu (god)

K Jupiter

Protection, benevolence, affluence, fame astrology, councilors, advisors religiousness, belief in god priests, teachers, judges children, guardian ships charity, generosity contentment, laziness fat, expansion, largeness devotion, faith, hope higher aspect of intelligence fairness, justice, honesty financial dealings foreign affairs God's grace in this world honor, lawfulness master of knowledge & wisdom insurance, legal matters medicine, occult science, physician sliver (purification of blood)morality, conservative optimism, peace, opulence performance of sacrifices perpetuation of established codes philosophy, pilgrimage religious vocations reputation, trust scriptures, Vedas

C Venus

Amusements arts, beauty, pleasures, dance attachments to things attraction to the opposite sex capacity to enjoy life care for ones body charm, femi9 graces clothes, comforts, enjoyments conveyances cultured, delightful, sociable fortune, fame generative system happiness, harmony, health illusion, infatuation, passions immortality, secret of intoxicating drinks kidneys love, lust, affairs, romance making others happier marriage musicians refined, polished sex in all aspects sexual & love happiness wealth, prosperity, gems wife, women, pink or rainbow worldliness, not renunciation

L Saturn

Adversities, captivity, difficulties austere, enjoyment denied barriers, bondage, deterrence black, blue, grey dangers, destruction dejection, depression, discipline destroyer of illusion dreadful terms endless, helplessness frustration, introverted humiliation, martyrs inactive, lack of desire low class ways/people mental trouble misery, misfortunes monks, Sannyasis old persons, death, bones persistent, patience philosophers, profound poverty, sorrows power for austerity profession in general seriousness low, gradual nature surrender thin, lean unattractive to worldly people undesirable things worker class

P Rahu

Accidents, afflictions astrologers, cosmic law bad character, undesirable begins to provoke radical change beyond help cheating, corruption cracks, crevices destiny, destroys the past devils, dangerous people devourer of the Moon disenchantment with matter divine plan revealed fear foreigners good, but through troubles hard times, immense pain hysteria, insanity imprisonment, inevitable law insects, poisons law, Karma, supreme must be endured alone past lives debts powerful, no escape violence, vomiting weaned, widowhood

Q Ketu

Acts, low And mean artistic Taste ascetics assimilates experience astrology spiritual authority bankruptcy bestows riches ending of bondage assassinations breaking through imitations careers too low for one cataclysm internal mental changes cheating clairvoyance dissatisfactions separations, breaks final emancipation, liberation enlightening results trouble through enemies feelings of helplessness negative habits, smoking etc. philosophers

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