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SIgnifications of the Signs

Ambition, aspiration, eager autocrat with clean heart desire to dominate, multiply sense of desperation energy for manifestation very goal, oriented forgiving

Of The Signs

a Aries

Ambition, aspiration, eager autocrat with clean heart desire to dominate, multiply sense of desperation energy for manifestation very goal, oriented forgiving, likes to pardon ideals not yet achieved not at all satisfied head, start, beginning feels constrained, impeded newness where it influences noble attempts movable, masculine places with internal fire potential feels constrained propound new theories restless Saturn hates, Sun loves spirit of the being vitality world, to, be not as, it, is.

b Taurus

Activity/adventure lacking auspicious things in life best, enjoyment breeding capacity comfortable, content, ease Earthy, materiality full of desire lands frequented by cattle love, beauty, lust mental happiness not much movement passive yet with vitality pastoral fields physically powerful pleasures of life Romeo, male nature sexuality, tremendous springtime, passion, sex urge to be creative wealth, security wilderness work unceasingly.

c Gemini

Betting places birth of intellectualism brilliant, elusive brothels, sexual hang outs cinemas, countries, conflict conjunction, fluctuations creates duality, polarization creative process dance halls, theaters experience, indulgence instability intuitive, subjective junctions, linking libraries, parks makers of vice, related items manifestation, materialism not contented places where vice is found quick silver sexual union, excitement sparkling quality subject seeing objects twins where pretty girls live.

d Cancer

Adaptable, change able always moving appreciation, sympathetic decisive actions deep meditation, sleep desires to be active, expanding difficulty with inaction elasticity emotion internally insecure loves guidance & teachers loves protection movable, femi9, watery picturesque localities silently watches strong grasp, hard to leave sustenance sympathetic appreciation uncertain of own potential very religious watery places, lakes, beaches.


Fierce in action aggression, ambitious, arrogant aspiring, creativity attacks directly at front can't stand restrictions cannot adapt centered on the self choosy in social relationships fiery, fixed, male great by itself individualization leader, not follower protector of its followers mountains, palaces, jungles suddenness manufacturing.

f Virgo

Agriculture attainment of siddhis, very good common, female, Earthy consciousness in bondage female maiden, not married female power gambling, brothels grain, grassy plains, meadows industries intellectualism literature not enjoyable nurseries places of exchange psychic consciousness sciences secret organizations sensitivity stomach strive for perfection suffering for a noble cause sustenance.


Abdomen balance between matter and spirit cannot remain stationary cannot remain stationary dawning of spirituality dissatisfied inside freeways, byways links markets, shops, malls masculine, movable, airy, positive material riches & absorption mentally operative merchants not outwardly showy not spiritual yet oppositional forces quiet on the surface ready for change Saturn loves, Sun hates thirst for achievement thirst for more weighing values carefully.

h Scorpio

Avoids others, individualistic caves, dark retreats chaos , conflict, danger destructive possibilities devours the victim feminine, fixed, watery fight to the death genitals, sex life hidden aspects of life impetuosity, tenacity Kundalini, mysterious not motherly, Moon hates it directness in achieving difficult to comprehend psychic power crevices, natural destruction determination occult, secrecy selfishness, vindictiveness sensitive to heat unexpected developments underground hiding places.

i Sagittarius

Armories, barracks battlefields, military places challenging, radical changes common, fiery, masculine confrontation, not comfort creates turmoil directed effective Dharma of the cosmic deity achieving god's grace high ideals, aspirations religious, spiritual quest purposeful, not peaceful regimentation, Sadhana transmutation, upward bound shooting ones arrow transformations spiritual wanderings.

j Capricorn

Attacks tradition badly in need of guidance change, dissatisfaction destiny, fate destruction of traditional values difficulties, rebirth doesn't like advice doesn't like religion excruciating pain femi9, Earthy, movable hardening, hardship has no feelings inwardly satisfying likes aggression much likes being energized likes hard work low class, very controlled mental torture moving forward mundane existence non-philosophical offended by religion sinful, slow.

k Aquarius

Annihilates personal Ego attachments destroyed barriers must be broken causing considerable suffering comforts sacrificed destroys traditional moorings divine push, material reactions drinks, intoxicating effect is permanent airy, fixed, masculine frustrating results, externally encourages esoteric surrender not a happy experience flowing water externally inauspicious inferior grains long lasting effects machinery for aeronautics orients one towards spirit sacrificing for others vulgarity, prostitutes sacrifice of personal comfort.

l Pisces

Altars, nirvana ambitions satisfied not analytical Mercury hates, Venus loves auspiciousness, blessings cessation of all efforts common, watery, female equilibrium finality, arrived hermitages, holy shrines intuitive openness Karma finished Jupiterian spirituality lust is gone, love is pure material connections absent necessity has ended nothing further preservation receptive, contemplating rivers, wells, tanks, fountains glory, fullness remains meditation, peace, merging.

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