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The Lords of Houses

In Vedic astrology, each of the 12 Houses of the horoscope is considered to be the same as one of the 12 Signs. In other words, one Sign per one House. That is the Vedic system.

The Lords of Houses

In Vedic astrology, each of the 12 Houses of the horoscope is considered to be the same as one of the 12 Signs. In other words, one Sign per one House. That is the Vedic system.

In western astrology, there are a number of different House systems employed and most of them are not the equal House system that Vedic astrologers use. Most of them do not exactly align the Houses of the chart with the Signs but rather, the Houses start with anywhere within a Sign and may end within that same Sign or somewhere in the middle of the next Sign. In this way, the Signs in the House are not aligned, but are two independent wheels discussed separated.

But in standard Vedic astrology, whatever Sign is rising no matter what the rising degree is, that entire Sign is considered as the 1st House, and that the next Sign in the Zodiac is the second House and so on. In this way, there is an exact correlation between Sign and House in Vedic astrology. All of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac are ruled by one of the seven Planets.

Ruling planets of Signs

/ Kuja
/ Shukra
/ Shukra
/ Kuja

Western Sign Name

Western Sign Glyph
Sanskrit Sign Name
Lord’s Name

English / Sanskrit















Mercury /





Moon /





Sun / Singha





Mercury /















Jupiter /





Saturn /





Saturn /





Jupiter /


As you can see the Sun and Moon each, lord over one Sign only. Namely Leo and Cancer. Whereas the other Planets each have two Signs for, which they are the lords. This is always the case. The Signs never have different lords. In a horoscope, as mentioned, one Sign is considered the rising Sign and the other Signs follow in their nature order and take control over the other eleven Houses of the horoscope. Whatever Planet lords over each of the Signs become the lord of the House that that Sign controls.

For example, if Taurus is the rising Sign, then Venus is the lord of the 1st House since Venus is the lord of Taurus. The second House would then be Gemini and therefore Mercury would then be called "The Lord of the Second”. Then Cancer would be in third House and therefore the Moon would be called "The Lord of the Third”. There are a number of words for Lord in Sanskrit and one of them is Pati. This is the most commonly used word when referring to the lords of the Houses in Sanskrit. Therefore, in our example, Shukra would be the Thanupati., which mean lord of the Thanushtana., which means the House of the body or the 1st House. In this way, the various lords are referred to by the main name that the House is called to in Sanskrit.

But the most important thing is to know the natural order of the 12 Signs very fluently and to therefore know quickly, which Planets rule each of the 12 Houses for each 12 possible rising Signs. Thus if a particular Sign is rising the student astrologer must be able to quickly assertion in their mind, which Planet will be the lord of the ninth House, which Planet will be the Planet of the fourth House, which Planet is the lord of the eleventh House, etc. This process of instantly knowing the lords of the Houses in very important and fundamental Vedic astrology. If a very solid, graphical, picture is somehow learned, remembered, and lodged in the mind of the 12 Houses in their natural order. And the distances between each. Then this process becomes very easy. This requires that the astrologer have the kind of mind, which can quickly determined distances between two points within a circle. For example, the distance between Capricorn and Taurus is five Signs. Because you start counting from the 1st one. In this case Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, that is five. What is the distance between Virgo and Aquarius?...Six Houses. In this way, one must be able to quickly know immediately the number of Houses one Sign is away from another Sign. With experience and practice, this becomes easy. Now let us begin to examine the importance and use of the lords in Vedic astrology. The 1st House rules the body amongst other things. All things about the body can be determined from the 1st House and it is lord aspects upon the 1st House and the lord of the 1st House as well as Planets that reside in the 1st House etc. In this chapter, we are concerned with the lords primarily so let us focus on that. Each lord must be somewhere in the horoscope for example, the lord of the 1st House or Sign must be in one of the 12 Signs. According to, which Sign he is in, that also determines the House. Lets take and example of Cancer rising. The Moon is the lord of Cancer. By seeing, which Sign the Moon is in at the time of the horoscope, we then instantly know what House the Moon is also in. Let us imagine that the Moon is in Gemini, on a particular horoscope, which has Cancer rising. Since Gemini one Sign before Cancer, this would put the lord of the 1st is the twelfth House. Because Cancer is rising, Moon is the lord, Gemini is therefore the twelfth House, and therefore we say " The Lord 1st is in the twelfth". Primarily, two things happen when a lord goes to any House. Of these two things, by far the most important to know and understand and be able to read is that the House shapes the lord that comes to stay in it. For example, the eighth House is a seriously bad House. Of all the Houses in the horoscope, the eighth has the most power to cause bad effects. Therefore, when the lord of the 1st House goes to the eighth House in a horoscope, then serious physical harm comes to the body. We never like to see the lord of the 1st House in the eighth House. Because it means serious difficulty will come to that person during their lifetime. Therefore, the principle is the House that a lord goes to greatly effects the affairs of life ruled by the Houses that that lord concerned ruled. Again for example, let us say that Taurus is rising. Therefore, Venus is lord of the 1st House as well as the sixth House. If Venus is found in the ninth House, in such a horoscope, then the highly benefic affects of the ninth House flow in a great way towards the 1st and sixth Houses because the ninth House is holding their lord, passing it is benefic affects onto the 1st lord who therefore passes them on to his own Houses. Therefore, to have the lord of the 1st in the ninth House, which is the most fortunate House in the horoscope, is a very positive lordship placement. If the lord of the 1st is in the sixth House, since the sixth House is one of the more detrimental Houses because it passes the effects of death, diseases and enemies onto the Planets it controls, therefore these more negative aspects of life will be placed onto the 1st lord who will then pass them along to the Houses that the 1st House rules., which will be the 1st House of course, another House if it happens to be one of the five Planets and not the Sun or Moon, which rule only one House each. Now let us briefly examine the main areas of life that each of the 12 Houses controls and how this might effect a particular lord, namely the lord of the 1st . If the lord of the 1st is placed in the 1st House, then we could say that the body becomes the focus of the body. In other words, the person focuses a lot on their own life, their own self, and their body during this lifetime. If the lord of the 1st is placed in the second House then the body, 1st lord, shall be greatly influenced by and focused upon the things the second House rules such as family and wealth. Thus people who have lord of the 1st in the second, are found often to be entangled with and coming from a strong family background and they are concerned with accumulating wealth in some way. If the lord of the 1st is place in the third House, then the body is found to be connected with ones younger bothers and sisters the acquisition of college degrees, spiritual initiations and other things that the third House rules. Since the fourth House rules mother, home, heart, and happiness, if the lord of the 1st is placed there then we find that the person will be greatly concerned with these affairs during their life. They will likely spend a lot of time at home, since the 1st lord rules the body and the fourth House rules home, we find their body at home rather than on the road or a lot at work etc. At this point, let us take a small digression into greater complexity and note that since the fourth House tenth from the seventh House, it therefore stands for the career of the spouse. So if the lord of the 1st is in the fourth, then we will find likely in the life that the person's body will have some connection with the career of the spouse. This means that the person might work for their spouse or work with their spouse and since the fourth also rules the home of the person we may expect that they work for the spouse or with the spouse in their own home in perhaps a home-based business. In this way, the placements of the lords have their 1st level meanings and then second, third, fourth and deeper and deeper meanings depending upon the astrologer’s ability to read the complexity of the House relationships. If the lord of the 1st is placed in the fifth House, then the concerns of children, creativity, romance and what one does to make others happy becomes the focus of their boldly activities to a large degree especially during periods ruled by the lord of the 1st House in the Vimshottari Dashas. To understand when things will take place we need to look to the Dashas. That is of course the concern of another chapter of this book, but it is worth mentioning and always remembering that effects take place at certain times in the life according to Dashas and transits. If the lord of the 1st is placed in the sixth House, then the effects of deaths, diseases, and enemies overwhelm the person at points in their life. Obviously, that is not a good placement for the lord of the 1st . If the lord of the 1st is placed in the seventh House, then the person is heavily focused on their partner, their spouse, etc., during their life. If the lord of the 1st is placed in the eighth House, as already mentioned on foreseen and difficulties and serious problems arise at life and overwhelm the lord of the 1st . Or in other words the person and their body. If the lord of the 1st is placed in the ninth House then there is an overall fortunate protective cover on the person's body throughout their lifetime; because the ninth House stands for fortune and all general good things that simply come from the environment. If the lord of the 1st is placed in the tenth House, then the person's body or the life in general in other words, is heavily focused upon the attainment of career, status position, and success are the domain of the tenth House. Next, the eleventh House controls desires, friend’s oldest siblings, and gains. If the lord of the 1st is placed in the eleventh House, then the person is heavily focused upon the achievement of desires and certain gainful things in life. If the lord of the 1st is placed in the twelfth House, since this House rules charity, donations, and losses. The person’s body will therefore be used up in these ways throughout their life. In other words, they may donate themselves to causes. They may live for some other purpose other than their own life. In general, there just may be a lot of loss in their life. These are brief examples of how the placement of the 1st lord in the 12 Houses affects the body or the life in general. Since the 1st House stands for the body and the life in an overall general way. An astrologer must take each of the 12 lords and examine, which House they reside in and predict the effects on each accordingly. For example, if the lord of the second is in the ninth then fortune will come to the wealth since the ninth is fortune and the second is wealth. If the lord of the third is in the second, then the younger siblings will have a connection with wealth either by giving or taking. Since the second is twelfth to the third, it indicates loss the younger siblings, and since that lord would then reside in the second House of the horoscope , it is likely that that person they will take the wealth of the person of whose horoscope it is. On the other hand, could it be that the younger siblings loose their wealth and donate it to the second House of the concerned person? This is the kind of difficult question that an astrologer concerns themselves with in their on going years of study. The answer of course lies in the nature of each Planet concerned since any of the Planets could be the lord of the third House depending of the rising Sign. If the lord of the fourth House is in the twelfth House, since the twelfth House is ninth from the fourth House, and the fourth House rules the mother then we can understand that the mother will be strong in her religion. Because the fourth lord has gone to the ninth House from itself. That is similar to having lord of the 1st in the ninth for yourself. It indicates that the person in general tend to have strong faith, belief, spirituality or religion. So if the fourth lord is in the twelfth, that means that the mother of the person has her own strong religion and it causes a great impact on the life of the individual whose chart we are examining. If the lord of the ninth is in the eighth, generally this means that there is loss to the ninth House, since the eighth is twelfth from the ninth House. Since the ninth House stands for father, it often means that the father goes away. That there is loss of the father early in life. And indeed, we see this lordship placement in many persons who were raised without a father present. If the lord of the sixth House is placed in the fifth House then there is a draining away of the negative things in life such as death, diseases and enemies. This is good. We do not want the sixth lord to be strong or prominent. We want him to be weakened because he carries many negative properties. The fifth House is twelfth to the sixth House and represents the loss of the sixth House. This is one reason the fifth House is such a good House because it stands for the ending or termination of deaths, diseases and enemies. If the seventh lord is placed in the ninth House, then since the seventh rules spouse and the ninth one's religion, one may find there in their religion. Or, their spouse will have an affect upon their religion. Similarly, their religion will have an affect upon their spouse. When the seventh lord is placed in the tenth House, we find that the person works with their spouse because the tenth is work or career and the seventh is spouse. If the ninth lord is placed in the fourth, then fortune, ninth, comes upon their home, heart, etc. (Things ruled by the fourth House ) If the tenth lord is placed in the eighth House, since the tenth rules career and the eighth disasters, we find come during the career of the person. Or because of the career of the person. Most people I know, who have the tenth lord in the eighth lord on the tenth House, have great difficulty establishing a career or when they do, there is some sudden disaster that comes and greatly harms their progress in their career. Because the eleventh lord has much to do with gains and achievement of ones desires, it is placement in the various 12 Houses tells us a lot about how well this person will achieve the desires in life. For example, if the eleventh lord is in the ninth House, then fortune flows to the achievement of their desires. If the eleventh lord is in the eighth House, then great trouble comes in the achievement of their desires. In this way of the 12 Houses come upon the eleventh lord depending on where he resides. The twelfth lord rules loss and as we said, the House in, which the lord resides greatly effects that lord and that lord's Houses. So if the twelfth is in the ninth House then religion, spirituality, Dharma and god above, have a great affect upon the losses in this person's life. What could this mean? It means that losses will come to this person because of their faith, spirituality, or acts of god. There will tend to be losses based upon the person's religion or by situations, which are good and righteous but nonetheless cause loss. One example, from my own life I can relate an example of the effects of lord of the twelfth placed in the ninth. In my horoscope the ninth and twelfth lords is Jupiter and Jupiter is placed in the ninth House in Sagittarius. So, I have lord of the twelfth in the ninth and lord of the ninth in the ninth. I began Jupiter major period around ten years of age. Around that time, I was one day taken to our local catholic church where the priest told myself and all my many brothers and sisters, that the church and my mother had reached an understanding whereby my father would be for some time be placed in a veterans home for the disabled because he had a serious problem in life. So, I was informed of the loss of my father in a church, by a priest. This neatly ties together the effects of the twelfth and the ninth House. Namely, loss religion and father. There was a loss, twelfth lord, of my father, ninth lord, and since the lord of the ninth and twelfth is in the ninth, I heard about it in the ninth House. Or in other words, at church, by a priest. So, this is one example of the practical effects of the lords. So the most important thing that happens to a lord placed in a House, is that the House it is placed in greatly shapes how that lord will act. This is the 1st principle that must be fully understood and through studying real charts, learned; so that you can predict with this technique. In studying real charts over many years a persons lives who you know a lot about, you will gradually see realistically the effects of the Houses upon the lords. The second thing that happens when a lord goes to a specific House, that lord brings his baggage to bear upon that House. This is different from what we were previously discussing. Previously we were discussing how the House effects the lord placed within it.

Now what we are saying is that the lord brings affects upon the House he placed within. This is the exact opposite principle, but it is also true. Both things occur simultaneously. For example, in the example from my own life that I gave earlier, we saw that the twelfth lord brought his affect of loss upon the ninth House. But we also saw that the ninth House affected how the twelfth lord acted. In other words, there was loss of my father that is the effect of the twelfth lord but there was also the ninth lord or the church involved in the loss., which was the ninth House bringing its affects upon the twelfth lord. so, both things occur simultaneously . And both principles have to be understood and used in prediction. Let us take another lordship example in practical life. I know a couple that have two children.. When we examine the charts of the husband and wife, we find the husband has lord of the fifth in the second House while the wife has lord of the fifth in the 1st House. What in general does this say each of their involvements with their two children. Overall, which of them has more involvement with raising the children? The correct answer would be the mother. Because she has lord of the fifth in the 1st House., which means that the fifth lord or children, has a great effect upon her 1st House or her body. Whereas the husband has the fifth lord in the second House, which means that, he may speak to the children more than anything else since the second House rules ones mouth and speech. Also, he will pay for the children a lot, since the second House is also wealth. especially at the children's rise in career. The father will shell out some money because the second is tenth from the fifth House and indeed in general in their life, that the mother does most of the physical parenting, while the father mostly works on his career and talks to the children as their father and has a very good effect on them in that way. But when it comes to outings, bedtime readings, playing games and being with the kids it is usually their mother who does these things and not their father. The father does however concern himself with making money and supporting the family.

Going House to House

Just as the 12 Houses rule different parts of life, for example, the 2nd House is wealth, the 3rd House is younger brothers and sisters, the 4th House is mother and real estate and so on, similarly, these same Houses from each House, rule these same things for the House in question.

For example, the 4th House is real estate and, therefore, the 4th House from any House is the real estate of that House. The 9th House is religion and also the spiritual master or priest or guru, therefore, the 12th House that is 4th from the 9th, rules the real estate of the spiritual master or guru.

Let us use a couple tables to make this point. Here is a single word or concept for each of the 12 Houses in a chart. These are not the only or even the best or main descriptions of the Houses, but let us work with these in our example:

  1. 1. Overall life

  2. 2.

  3. 3. Money

  4. 4.

  5. 5. Younger siblings

  6. 6.

  7. 7. Vehicles

  8. 8.

  9. 9. Intelligence

  10. 10.

  11. 11. Debts

  12. 12.

  13. 13. Spouse

  14. 14.

  15. 15. Worries

  16. 16.

  17. 17. Religion

  18. 18.

  19. 19. Career

  20. 20.

  21. 21. Friends

  22. 22.

  23. 23. Donations

  24. 24.

Now, taking these concepts given above, let us apply them to the Houses COUNTED FROM the 4th House, and see how we can read much about "mother" from our own chart:

4 » Mother's Overall life

5 » Mother's Money

6 » Mother's Younger siblings

7 » Mother's Vehicles

8 » Mother's Intelligence

9 » Mother's Debts

10 » Mother's Spouse

11 » Mother's Worries

12 » Mother's Religion

1 » Mother's Career

2 » Mother's Friends

3 » Mother's Donations

Simple and clear, right? And you can and should do this from each and every House. These are the "compound" or "secondary" things that Houses stand for. If you know how to read a chart in this way, you can comment on almost anything a person asks about. You can usually describe their immediate family members quite accurately. I have had experiences in talking to people about their charts, using this system, where I was able to accurately guess the nature of their immediate relatives rather accurately.

The 12th House rules loss, and therefore, the 12th House from any House is the loss of that House. For example, the 7th House rules marriage and any other types of partnerships. Therefore the 6th House, which is 12th from the 7th rules over loss of the partner or loss of the spouse. One way to know some of the good and bad things governed by a House is to judge the House that is 12 from it and that it is 12th from.

For example, take the 9th House, which rules fortune, religion or Dharma, the father, the spiritual master and guru, and God's grace. The 9th House is 12th from the 10th House. This means that the House of Dharma or religion is the House of loss to our House of career, profession, and position. Does this make sense? Does religion or Dharma drain away the energy of our career?

According to the Vedic system of philosophy, yes it does. The truth is that the creation itself is set up in such a way to say yes to this important question. The Vedic House system reflects the utter truth surrounding us on all sides. The answer is automatically yes and so you can further deduce that until you understand that "religion" drains "position" you have not understood either these words, or the real nature of these Houses.

The 10th House rules not only career, but mainly it rules rise and status in material life. It rules standing up tall and straight and getting some position, some fame, some power in this material life. The 9th House is definitely detrimental to this because it is the aim of real Dharma or real religion to end our pride in this our material lives, to bring us to a point where we see ourselves as servants of God, humble, dependent, and so forth. This is definitely contrary to a rise in power and position in this material life.

To even want to be powerful in this material life means to identify ourselves as our material body. Vedic religion comes and tells us as it is 1st lesson that we are not this body and thus immediately deals a pretty serious blow to our material Ego. To make progress in spiritual life, one begins by understanding that they are not the body. This very 1st lesson is detrimental to the 10th House, or the House of "Pratishta" (material position).

Later, as we progress in spiritual life, our material Ego is replaced with a spiritual Ego. The 9th House, the House of true fortune and grace from above, can easily replace and give more to us than anything that we can hope to receive from the 10th House.

So, to continue with the "12th House" relationship examples:

The 1st House is 12th from the 2nd, meaning that our body drains away our money, and indeed, paying for our bodies shelter, food and medical bills, are some serious wealth drainers, so the 1st House (our body) is a serious cause of loss (12th) to our wealth (2nd).

The 2nd House is 12th from the 3rd House. The 2nd House rules, amongst other things, our family members, and the 3rd House amongst other thing rules courage. Therefore, it would not be incorrect to say that our family drains away our courage. Indeed, it is often said that a great person is not recognized in their own land. Perhaps this is because of another saying, "familiarity breeds contempt”. The people who know us best all our lives are the ones who are most likely to put us down and tell us we will not achieve something. Often our own family members work to our great detriment in life. So, in this way, the 2nd House is 12th from the 3rd House showing that according to nature and reality, family often drains us of courage. Due to their attachment for us also, they often do not want to see us venture out to "take on" life. Rather, they want us to stay home (in the 2nd House), and thus they drain away our courage.

Next, the 3rd House is 12th from the 4th House. The 4th House amongst other things rules mother and the 3rd House amongst other things rules younger siblings. Is it true that younger siblings drain away the energy of our mother. Yes, indeed, especially in relation to us. As soon as there is born a younger brother or sister, the mother's attention turns to them and away from us. Often times we find the child who was the youngest baby beating up on the new baby because the new baby is responsible for taking away the mother's affection. So, in this way, our third House is inimical to our fourth House.

Next, the 4th House is 12th to the 5th House. The 5th House amongst other things rules romance and the 4th as already mentioned, mother. Is our mother often inimical to our romance? Indeed. We are least comfortable displaying our romance in front of our mother, and often our mothers are not exactly immediately friendly towards those who we pick to be romantic with.

Next, the 5th House is 12th to the 6th House. Amongst other things, the 5th House rules winning at the lottery and the 6th House rules debts, therefore, it is easy to understand that if we win at the lottery, we can cure all our debt problems. So, the 5th House, which is a money House, puts an end to the 6th House, the House of debts.

The 6th House is 12th to the 7th House. The 7th House rules the other people in our life, our partners, and our spouses mainly. The 6th House ruling enemies, diseases, and debts is naturally 12th to the 7th House. In modern life there is a saying, "Until debt do we part" as a replacement to "Until death do we part," because, indeed, it is often debt that drives marriages crazy and ultimately to the brink of divorce. So our debts (6th) are one of the worst things we can bring to our partner, and therefore, our 6th House has a very negative effect on our 7th House affairs.

The 7th House is 12th to the 8th House. The 8th House rules the base of the spine, the genital and the seat of mysticism or the Kundalini Chakra, the lower Chakra. The 7th House ruling the spouse drains away the energy of the 8th House, because the spouse offers us unlimited sex life, which drains away the vital source of energy, which is seated within the 8th House. It is said that the 8th House rules mysticism. This is referring to the mystic processes of Yoga such as Kundalini Yoga. Most of the Yoga systems of India, especially the serious mystic processes, all assume the position of Brahmachari or celibacy because of the great need for the seminal energy regardless of the practitioners gender, in order to begin and sustain the mental concentration required for these yogic processes.

The 8th House also rules longevity and the 7th House, which amongst other things governs our love life, drains away our vital energy decreasing our life span. This is the opinion of the Ayurvedic and other Vedic scriptures that deal with the energies within the body. This does not mean that Vedic wisdom is anti-sex life exactly, but there is a price for every action. If you want one thing, you have to give up those things opposed to it. For 8th House style Kundalini Yogic processes, retention of the sexual energy is essential.

The 8th House rules independent endeavor to achieve mystic power. It is 12th to the 9th House. The 9th House rules the receiving of power through the process of grace, revelation, or in other words, gifts from God. Therefore, the 9th House rules really very pure religion because of its basis being dependence upon the supreme power, whereas the 8th House rules our own individual, empirical endeavor to achieve mystic power through Yoga and other difficult processes. So, since the 8th House rules the approach to mystic power, which is opposed to simply receiving grace from God, it is, therefore, 12th from the 9th.

Also, on another level, the 9th House represents father. The 8th House, therefore, represents loss of father. Therefore, if we find the 9th lord in the 8th House in a chart, it is often found that the person lost their father.

As mentioned earlier, the 9th House is 12th to the 10th House and indeed, true religion attempts to end our pride of existence in this material world. It is said that Pratishta, which means the attainment of position, name, and fame in this world, is one of the main enemies of the real spiritual seeker. So, when our 10th House comes under the control of our 9th House, it becomes purified. If the 10th House and its lord are stronger than the 9th House and its lord, then our attempt to gain position and status in this life will be stronger than our spirituality.

The 10th House is 12th to the 11th House. The 10th House rules the attainment of position, status and eminence and our career. The 11th House is called Labha Sthana, which means the House of desire. It rules friends, because we all desire to be with our friends. It also rules hopes, wishes and dreams that we have. It also rules gains, so it is the House of the material incoming current, the House of desire.

How is it that the 10th House then is 12th to the 11th House? Don't we work in order to fulfill desires? Indeed, the 11th is 2nd from the 10th, meaning it is the place where the money of the career is stored. So we work in order to fulfill the 11th House. But how is it that the 10th drains away the 11th? It is because when we want to go to attain status and eminence, we must leave the comfortable place of our lollygagging dreams and hanging out. We must stand up and work and go away from our friends. Simply have desires (11th) is not the way to actually attain your goals (10th). It takes work (10th) and people who are simply wanting to hang out with their dreams and wishes never seem to actually get to work. Therefore, for judging if someone will actually do what they want, see if the 10th lord (doing) is stronger than the 11th lord (wanting). In general, those Planets, which are hanging out in the eleventh House represent departments of life (the Houses they lord), which will always be "in a state of want" (11th), or in other words, "unfulfilled", indicating a lot of unfulfilled dreams or desires in life, not a truly happy or successful way to live.

The 11th House is 12th from the 12th House. As mentioned, the 11th House is the House of desire and gains. The 12th House is the natural House of losses. So, naturally, getting our desires fulfilled is the opposite of losing out. Fulfillment of gain is the opposite of fulfillment of loss. Picture in your mind "Rudolph the red nosed reindeer". When they did not let him into any more reindeer games he was experiencing the 12th House energy, losses and disappointments. Later, when he became appreciated and loved by one and all for being the "guiding light" on Santa's sleigh, he was experiencing a large dose of "satisfaction", or 11th House energy. Often, what people "want" is not actually "good for them", if judging from the perspective of their bodily health or spiritual growth. The eleventh House can be a killer in that it can drag us down the path of slothful indulgence.

Lastly we come to the 12th House, which is the House of loss for the 1st House, which is our overall life. So, the 12th House is the "overall" House of loss, not governing a particular type of loss, but rather, his signature is often required in a chart to "seal the deal" regarding other losses.


of the Houses

1st House

Activity undertaken advantages all things, the seeds of appearance, general aspiration, attractiveness of the face, beginnings, birth potential, body, brain capacity to enjoy, color, complexion, constitution, dignity of mother, as regards your dispositions, natural general state of health impact of the personality permission for other qualities personality pleasure/pain destined previous lives wisdom seeds of other things start in life tendencies, natural vitality.

2nd House

Accumulated wealth blood, ties childhood credit cultural roots death disease of father education food fortune honor/career of your children legal troubles memory music nose open or public enemies patience of mind possession of value possessions power of observation profits any as second marriage securities and shares speech/voice/talking teeth/tongue/throat understanding with family

3rd House

Ability, including coping with hardship agreements, signing of arms, chest, hands books and writing casual acquaintances change of residence communications correspondence courage energy firmness heroism higher education studiousness intelligence mental strength nervous system patriotism philosophical tendencies publications, telephone television research right ear, shoulder supper ribs short travels siblings thyroid glands.

4th House

Source of ambitions biological mother buildings chest diseases clothes career, source of emotional nature heart happiness homeland loss to children lungs medicines peace of mind permanent possessions profession of partner public standing, source of vehicles treasure, hidden.

5th House

Abdomen abortions achievements, degree of adultery ambassadors amusements authorship bank position of mother belly, liver, spleen stomach betting games of chance children, especially 1st conception competitive activities contracts with foreigners courtship/romance creativity, dance arts, drama gall bladder intestines high learning, wisdom intellect intuitive perception occult knowledge love affairs management ability mantras, religion mothers wealth prior and after marriage romances social inclinations spiritual practices Tantra stock exchange traditional laws wisdom.

6th House

Actions, diabolical annoyance, evil struggle chances and life in foreign place death of friends debts, miserliness borrowing wealth of 1st child marital disharmony esp. 1st spouse separation, esp. 1st spouse enemies, competition employees, servitude fear, esp. of enemies/debts anguish, insanity investment of partners kidney, large intestines long journeys losses to partners or 1st spouse nursing treatment of patient opponents/oppositions private enemies purchase/sales of vehicles purchases by partners superstition tenants

7th House

Agreements bondage, legal business, and partners in child, second one cohabitation conjugal life reputation in other places danger to longevity death causing expression of bodily urges favor from government groin, prostrate glands uterus gross materiality legal union mother's immovable property opposite polarity to the self private dealings of the absent private dealings of the enemies property, recovery of lost/stolen residence, change of second child, sex life spouse, especially 1st trade vertebrae war.

8th House

Accidents adversary all things hidden allergies, serious anxiety concealed wealth corruption death, mode of defeat diseases defying diagnosis difficulties of journey dignity/career/honor of friends disappointments wealth of 1st spouse external genitalia imprisonment’s inheritance insult insurance knowledge of hidden nature stock market fluctuations medical officers money of public enemies pelvis pension secrecy sorrows strength of public enemies suicide wills wretched persons

9th House

Ability to understand air travels association with good people attainments benedictions, fortunes, luck book publishing charity, generosity churches colleges, teaching, higher education communications w/ spirits contact with gurus devotion to god, divine communion discipleship, devotion to elders dreams, visions efforts, encouragement to guru, contact with & being hips, knees insight into natural forces institutions, religious intuition, forethought legal arbitration, law philosophy, beliefs, faith providential help short travel of spouse/partners sickness to mother third child wisdom, purity of mind, meditation.

10th House

Achievement in material world administrative jobs ambition athletics authority danger to younger siblings debts of children essential things glory government leadership losses to dear friends popularity, status private enemies of friends promotion, rank public enemies in litigations quality of leadership skeleton in general success or not work, career, livelihood, occupation vehicle of 1st spouse.

11th House

Accumulation of wealth acquaintances, social gatherings ambitions, aspirations, favorites arrival blood circulation brothers in religion children's spouses contingencies contracts with friends death of mother deities discharge from hospital elder siblings, advisors emotional attachments enemies debts extramarital relationships financial gain from occupation freedom from misery gain from people in power hopes, dreams, wishes, desires income, profits left ear, legs, ankle love affairs satisfaction of personal needs/pleasures.

12th House

All kinds of misfortune cessation, ends, finalities charity, donations confinement death, entry into heaven debts/disease of the spouse debts, repaying deception, deceivers disobedience dream experiences emancipation, liberation expenditures eye, feet fall from position father's properties foreign residence hospitalization loss, all types of mental anguish suffered alone mental institutions, relations to misfortune persecution, poverty private enemies separations sexual pleasures solitude, renunciation suicide, self-undoing waste of wealth wounds from accidents.

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